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    Why should we remember contact number of close ones or friends?

    Have you ever thought about the importance of keeping some important numbers and other details in your memory rather than relying on the memory of your digital equipment? If not, go through this thread and wake up for your own good.

    Today's digital world has made us very handicapped in terms of remembering the data, be it the date of birth, address, or contact number. In earlier days, we used to write the date of birth, address and contact number in a diary or slam book. Now, the era has changed since we started using smartphones. We now no longer remember the date of birth, address, or contact number of even close relatives or friends. We generally value a thing only when we miss it. In relation to this, I remember an incident that happened a few days ago.

    I was invited to attend a religious gathering where no mobile phones were allowed. A person (Mr. X) who was to assist me on that day asked me to come without a phone. We had not met before and I did not know how he looks. He asked me to meet him at 8:45 pm at his society gate. I did not bother about how will I recognize him if he did not turn up there on time. I reached there at 8:40 pm and waited there for 20 minutes but I saw nobody at the gate. I could not ask everybody whether he was Mr. X or not?

    I could not call him as I did not have a mobile phone in my pocket as my phone was at my home. At that very moment, I thought to call him but I did not have the mobile or mobile number of that person. I then thought of calling my common friend (Mr. Y - my close friend) who invited me to that function but I could not remember his mobile number either. If I had or could recollect his mobile number, I could have called him through another person's mobile standing at the gate and contact Mr. X. It was then when I felt that I should have had the contact number of a close friend (Mr. Y) in my mind which could have helped me to call Mr. X.

    Anyway, Mr. X met me there after 10 minutes. He recognized me since I was constantly looking at the watch as we were getting late.

    This has taught me a lesson that we should at least remember our friend's mobile number. I will now remember the mobile number of relatives and close friends to get assistance in case of an emergency.
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    That is true. We should remember the phone numbers of 2 or 3 people. I remember my wife's number and I remember the phone numbers of my two sons.
    once I was going to Pune. While I was getting on the train somebody has stolen my mobile. I got on the train. I have to inform my office so that they will arrange of blocking the number and I should inform my house so that they will not get worried if they are getting my phone connected. I requested my co-passenger to give me his phone and informed my wife. Then I remember the number of the office landline and I called that number and gave the number of my co-passenger and asked the receptionist to inform the Administrative office to contact me. I received back the call and all necessary arrangements were made. As I remember the phone numbers I could do that. So we should have some record of phone numbers of some important people at least so that we can contact them in case of any problem.

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    This is very good thread from the author and stress the need for maintaining a small diary of important phone numbers of near and dear ones and also friends, so that in case of emergencies or loss of the phone such numbers can be made available. Normally we are not reminding the numbers but share the number with the name in the phones and in case our phone is lost, misplaced some where or gone out of order, then we are left in the lurch. Fortunately I remember the phone numbers of our family numbers and everybody of us knows each other numbers. But that should not taken as good and we have to maintain a small diary so that all the numbers are mentioned and even the relations with us so that in case of emergencies we can retrieve the same. Even in the phones we should not share the names with nick name but with original names.
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