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    The humane crisis is an indication of constant reflection on war and atrocities?

    We all know that the application of the word humane is practically applied to human behavior, so we use this word in the most subtle ways, such as kindness, merciful, forgiving, sentimental, tender-hearted, etc. The whole social system of the world has survived in the presence of this quality of humans. And man has exerted his influence on this planet based on his traditional behavior. But from time immemorial we have seen that war has arisen from violence between different communities. This violent activity has been going on for ages due to the persecution of intolerant people to become more powerful. History gives its burning proof. Even today there is terrible violence like a war between different countries so it must be called a humanitarian crisis or humane crisis. What do you think?
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    The author should have taken the current war between the Ukraine and Russia and it was started on flimsy grounds and now extended beyond humane crisis as there is no stoppage of war but more deaths and more destructions are being continued. What is more surprising that the world Human rights commission and Amnesty International are very silent on the war and that shows they are partisan and only state at India in times of Kashmir crisis. The author has rightly said that human atrocities gives and paves way to war and that cannot be stopped. But there is no country in the world which is stopping war instead exploring the possibilities of selling their arms and ammunition to war ravaged country. So humanity is lost, and the war is causing lots of damage to other countries also and there is no truth and pride on war.
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    When human beings forget about the necessity of being humane, will lead to destruction and unhealthy conditions in society. War and atrocities are no good for the development of the nation as well as the individual. When people try to understand the needs of others also as the needs of their own, then human beings can say they have humane nature. But that concept is not visible and we are feeling that a humane crisis exists.
    Human values are in decline and people should realise the importance of being humane. Then only we will witness Rama Rajyam again. Hope people will realise the importance and start working in that direction.

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    I think what exactly you think. Previously I raised a thread on humanity. It is unfortunate that some countries are taking a lenient view of the Ukraine-Russia war based on their benefit. Humans are selfish and are becoming inhuman. There are supporters of this view and call it a necessity.
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    There are some factors of the society we are part of that are always feuding with each other, such as happiness with sorrow, violence with non-violence, evil with good, etc. In the midst of this parallel motion, we have to see who we are to deal with. When violent activities start increasing more then people include those activities in the discussions and after a long discussion and expressing grief go to their homes. Similarly, if they change their form and move away from the problem and move toward the solution, then definitely positive effect will be received.

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