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    Is violence and communal division possible through politics?

    If there is a community, there will be communal division. Although it is the dream of all benevolent people to build a 'single human society by freeing human society from all kinds of divisions, it is not possible in reality. Before the British rule, the Muslim rulers ruled mainly undivided India. At that time all these divisions did not prevail. The British sowed the seeds of communal divisions in the country for their own interests. The practice of "permanent settlement" introduced by the British government created communalism in India. At the time of independence, since the country was divided on the basis of religion, communalism has re-emerged. Since then, Hindus do not like the culture of Muslims, on the other hand, Muslims consider Hindus as kapher. It seems to be in their blood now. So how can a political party make further communal divisions? I think in some cases, one community can be influenced to some extent by spreading false propaganda against another community by someone. Violence, on the other hand, has nothing to do with the real politics of using force and intimidation to achieve a goal. What do you think?
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    Politics and politicians are the worst people around us and they can stoop to any level to create unrest and uneasy for the public at the cost of their survival and entity. Communal violence would flare up with one bad speech from the leader and those who are having lots of free time in their life would take that as advice and create communal feelings and indulge in communal activities beyond the reach of even police. Hyderabad has seen enough communal riots in the past and now it is totally under control because free hand is given the minority party in the old city and what they are doing does not matter but they keep busy with their area and thus communal feelings is not flaring up. And violence mongers are there in every party to create unrest and tension in the area and thus people are fearing to have communal leaders in their area.
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    Inciting violence and polarisation are possible through politics. That is what is happening in our country now. Such trends are encouraged and once they start, no one can stop them. We have to wish for the best to happen to our country in spite of such forces.
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    If there is no politician in a society, there is no division because of caste or no violence because of caste will be there in the country. Normally people of all religions and castes will live together in society without any problem. But politicians never want that. They try to provoke these disputes and differences.
    So politicians are responsible for these problems. Some people try to get the votes of minority people by saying that their castes are only struggling. Then automatically some parties start supporting majority communities and religions. Some people say one party is communal. But all parties are communal.
    Muslims and Hindus lived together. Butrulers made the difference initially and then now politicians are playing the role to spoil the relations. Only when people understand the real intentions of politicians, the conditions in society will change. Till such time the conditions will not be so conducive.

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    Single human society system is a very good idea but from the present situation it does not seem that this situation will ever change. As far as the question of different religion or society or culture is concerned, it is still appropriate that every person chooses according to his life, but it is the duty of all of us to prevent it from being given the form of communalism. This case is taken the most in politics, where people start instigating people for some votes. Just as we cannot hear anything against the family we have become a part of, similarly the culture we have adopted may not be easy for any human being to remain silent after listening to it. So that thing should be done which is possible and it is possible that all the society, Sharma and individuals should adopt their own ie their thoughts with an open mind, many disputes will automatically end.

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    Divide and rule is the oldest policy in politics to remain in power. It is not possible to come in power until people are divided and how they are divided is a different matter- it may be religion or caste or language or culture or region etc politicians take as a division-tool. In books it is still written that India is a secular state but how religion is being used to divide people and how hatred-mongers are given direct or Indirect support by some politicians is no more a secret in politics.

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    United States Commission on International Religious Freedom (USCIRF), for the third year in succession, recommended that India may be designated as a 'Country of Particular Concern' as far as religious freedom is concerned. The report says"During the year, the Indian government escalated its promotion and enforcement of policies — including those promoting a Hindu-nationalist agenda — that negatively affect Muslims, Christians, Sikhs, Dalits, and other religious minorities.'
    The government is always in the habit of condemning such reports. They give their own reasons for the non-acceptability of such reports. They go on to ask the other country whether such incidents are not happening in their country. A valid reply indeed. Here is one thing we have to remember. We concede such things are happening in our country and question them on the same subject. What about the remedial measures the government is taking to see that the scope for such a comment in a report does not arise?

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    Yes, it's possible only through politics and that's really a concern. If there is a community why there will be a communal division I do not know. Everyone wants to live peacefully and practise their own faith but there are some who do not want this to happen and unnecessarily interfere with others' affairs. They are politicians and remain very active in public life. Why the concept of minority/majority will be there and who proposed this concept? On one hand, we say we are a secular country according to our constitution and on the other hand, there are religious minorities in our country. How it is possible in our country I do not know and frankly speaking I do not know the meaning of secular. The country was divided on the basis of religion and then the constitution says we are secular. I do not know how it is possible and if there is anything wrong in the beginning why it is still being continued and not made right. I am looking for an answer.

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