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    Fissure in Liberal camp: Two NYT Editors resign

    Not only right-wingers, but also neutral people have raised this issue time and again. The so-called liberals are considered most illiberal and intolerant of others' views. Everywhere, the so-called liberals try to silence the views which are even very mildly critical to their own. They take various unethical and sometime even illegal steps to silence their opposition. Complaints from the opposition camp are brushed aside with disdain, ridicule and contempt by the so-called liberals.

    But the liberals are no longer being successful in their attempt to silence others. Even some of their own have started questioning their own attitude. Now, the fissure within the liberal camp is coming out in the open. Very recently, two important editors of the very liberal New York Times, James Bennet and Bari Weiss, tendered their resignation. Not only that, more than one thousand Times staff members signed a letter protesting the illiberal and intolerant attitude of the editorial board towards opposing views.

    I am not going to give the details, but only want to state that the welcome introspection started after the loss of Hilary Clinton against Donald Trump despite all those liberal parasites openly supported Ms. Hilary Clinton and tried to manipulate the verdict of the American voters. Their Indian counterparts are also doing the same against Narendra Modi and are failing repeatedly.

    Members of ISC! Please note that New York Times is infamous for its anti-India attitude. It regularly publishes articles and posts written by known anti-India writers and journalists from India.

    Not only in the USA, in India also, the churning process has started. Only today, I have heard a video interview of TM Krishna by Maya Mirchandani. In the interview, Krishna has questioned this illiberal and intolerant attitude of the so-called Indian liberals. More remarkable is the fact that this interview is for the leftist-islamist rag, The Wire. If anyone is interested, he/she may search the YouTube and watch this interview.

    I understand that a very big fissure appears in the liberal camp and I am waiting eagerly for the future development.

    It is an ongoing ideological battle!
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    When there are two people who think their thinking is only correct, definitely a rift will come if not immediately but over a period of time. When the top people think that their thinking is only correct initially his people may support him against others. But a day may come when everybody within the group has to hear the voice of only one person some problems may come. That is what is happening within the liberals, as mentioned by the author. Democracy or socialism or secularism should be there in the actions of all the people but just not in words.
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    With the resignations of two New York Times editors, it is clearly proven that India is on the winning side and their one sided stories and matters emanating from the anti India editors does not have the takers from all. The way more than one thousand staff members signed the petition opposing the select editors view only paved way for resignations. And we thought NYT is the great news paper of high reputes, but it seems to be working under the pressure of some Editors who happens to be anti India and basking TRP for its underating India on every count and that was not acceptable. The world has been watching and every Indian knows our reputation and pride and our great leadership is at the right path to which America is not able to digest the fact that we are now emerging as the super power and US gone weak.
    K Mohan
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    This internal churning among the so-called liberals is not limited to any particular country. It is being witnessed in almost all major countries. Belittling/Ridiculing others who don't exactly subscribe to the liberal views is not being tolerated anymore.
    “Khamosh rahoon toh mushkil hain, keh doon toh shikayat hoti hain" (It is difficult to remain silent; But if I speak, they complain.) --------- Saba Afghani

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