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    Never celebrate the win early

    I was watching a video just now in which a sprinter who was about to cross the winning line and even gesturing the audience about his happiness for being almost win but he never noticed the second runner who is surging very fast and at the last moment he did surpass the eventual winner and thus the so called winner was relegated to second place. The sprinter was so upset and stunned by this surpass in whiskers and that is the reason being so we should not celebrate the winning moment in advance and that is too early.
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    Always there will be slip between the cup and the lip. There may be coffee in the cup and the cup may be in your hand. But till you drink it you can't say that the coffee in the cup is yours. The same is the case in any game or examination or task. Till you complete and get the final result you can't say that you are the winner. The person in the second position may overtake the first person and the first person may become the second person. Many times we may be losing the game very narrowly. So it is true unless the declaration comes mentioning that you are the winner you can not celebrate.
    Even in elections, some candidates may be losing by just small margins. Initial trends may be different but finally, the expected candidate may lose by minimum votes. That is why Election Commission will not declare the results till the margin is confirmed.

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