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    Just as you are worried about the house, do it for the outside too.

    In the morning, when I go for a walk, I get to see a normal view. Some people come alone for their own walk and some people also bring another purpose along with their walk, which is their pet's walk and other important routine tasks which are necessary every morning. The first purpose of walking the pet especially the dog outside in the morning is almost the same that it should not do any kind of mess in the house, but whatever has to be done is should be outside. In such a situation, people do not even see that their pet is dirtied in front of someone's house, near a temple, in the grass of the garden, or anywhere in the middle of the road. This is the completely wrong way, there are many options available to avoid such things, and those who are sensible and responsible towards society also use these options. But some people do such small acts even after being from a good family.
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    The author is very correct. I have seen many people cleaning their houses with plenty of water and that dirty water will be left on the roads. They never think that they are spoiling the streets. I have seen many people throwing waste in the middle of the roads. This attitude is not correct. Roads are for everybody and they should be maintained well by all of us.
    In Hyderabad, we will see people cleaning the roads at the midnight. But the next day morning again the people will throw all the waste on the roads. This is not what a person who is having civic sense should do. House maybe your own but the roads are also yours. Your share of tax is there in building those roads. So you should feel that you have the responsibility of maintaining it neatly. Some improvement is seen these days. But still, there is a long way to go.
    Keeping the surroundings clean and tidy is our own responsibility and we can't think somebody else will come and do that for you.

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    Very nice post from the author. While there is no restrictions for the owners to have the pets of their choice and that should not be hindrance or mess for the others. The opposite house in which I am residing has 7 dogs. Those are normal dogs and not special ones. But they are let out and roam free. And they do all kinds of nuisance in the area and we should not ask them because they belong to backward class and they would complain harassment with police. And the road leads to many colonies and these so called pet dogs chase every one and even bite. So it has become hell for the colony people and now the youths carry stones and stick along with them when ever they pass this house to punish those dogs which come chasing. But good sense should prevail with the pet owners as they failed to rear the dogs nicely.
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    It is a very unfortunate case that in the process of cleaning of our own houses, we dump the wastes on the roads without thinking of sincere involvement of the staffs maintaining cleanliness of the roads. We should not forget that such dumped materials would attract flies due to filthy smells emanating from such thrown materials. Unfortunately, we even hesitate to tell others regarding such irresponsible situation since this would cause animosity in our relationships engaged in doing such irresponsible activities. Hope that people would realise their responsibilities in keeping their own surroundings clean.

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    The author has raised a good issue for discussion.
    We want to keep our homes or places where we work clean and beautiful and it is a good habit indeed but we should not be careless about our surroundings like park, roads, bus stand etc which are used by other people also. I feel very bad when I see wrappers, plastic bags, papers and other litters on public places. Perhaps this is our stereotyped mindset that we never stop such people who make public places dirty and its reason is that we think that it is not My Duty rather it is the duty of other people to stop Garbage Spreaders.

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