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    Is there poverty really in the country?

    Today evening I just went out with my elder son to purchase some items. We travelled about 10 KMs from our house. All the roads are fully crowded with two-wheelers and cars. In many of the cars, we see only one person. Almost all the buses we have seen are not having many passengers. Some autos are visible but more are cars only. No people going by walking or on bicycles are visible.

    I am seeing these roads almost for the last 30 years. I have seen many people using bicycles on the same road. I have seen crowded city buses on the same roads. But today it is more cars than any other vehicle.

    Not only this road. everywhere even in villages, we see more cars and motorcycles and no bicycles. By seeing this situation I got a doubt whether poverty there in the country? I may not be correct, but the situation that I am seeing these days made me think like that. I feel the standard of living has improved a lot. I want to know the opinions of other members on this.
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    After reading this post I had also cast the same doubts many time. Take for example any slum areas in Hyderabad, there are triple story buildings in the area rented out to companies and shutters given to banks as lease. If there is poverty then how come these slums are developing infrastructure wise and in front of some homes cars and costly bikes are seen. Moreover under the T pride scheme many got the car loans and they have become rich over the period of time. I am sure as far as Telangana is concerned even ration shops have think attendance as the so called poverty people are no more interested to have the free rice given by the state govt which is of worst quality and therefore the standard of living of poor has increased and who is going to take the real survey on this and come out with the latest figure of development.
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    There seems to be no poverty in our country kind of statement should be taken as an irony instead, However, I have heard about an utopian society also which remains in dream world.
    Indian society is poling apart into two different directions that rich are becoming richer and poor are changing into pauper and this widening is still unstoppable.
    Inflation is rising up unquestionably. I would like to appreciate the power of resilience and endurance of our countrymen that nothing comes out of them. It seems to be another wonder of the world.

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    I do agree that the standard of living in our country have increased a lot. The opportunity for earning has increased and therefore people are able to afford luxuries like car which they couldn't before. However, i also believe that it is only a few that have experienced this growth in their living standards. The saying that rich gets richer and poor gets poorer is what I mean here. While the middle class individuals are able to thrive and work their way to become rich. We rarely see a poor family even being able to climb their way to middle class subsistence. Therefore, even though the standard of our living might have increased, poverty still exists largely in our country but it's rarely that we can see it raw in our eyes as our country have been whitewashed by some of the rich businessmen.
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    I don't think people become rich just by using a motorcycle these days. Who is being referred to as poor here by the author? Those who live on the sidewalk or beg? Or those who make a living by doing jobs or small businesses? In the past, using a motorcycle or a car was a luxury but nowadays it is used as a necessity in most cases. Nowadays, the poor and middle class have adjusted it in their family expenses budget. Imagine if you used a bus or train for the journey to your workplace, you have to incur the fare charges. Without it, there is a lot of time wasted. So it is easy to travel with a little bit extra cost. This can also be used for various family purposes. On the other hand, you can easily buy it through monthly installments. Then think about why the poor middle class will not use a motorcycle?
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    I agree with Dhruba. The presence of two-wheelers and cars on roads is no indication that there is an absence of poverty. The owners of what may be considered a luxury are likely using them as a convenient way to commute and likely will have taken a loan for it. People can own even a shop or an online business but that does not mean that they are well-off, as they may still struggle to manage their home's finances.

    Poverty very much exists. You just have to look at the kids rummaging in dustbins outside fast-food roadside kiosks. Ask the maid who works in your home, the local vegetable vendor, or even the owner of a retail store. You'll hear real-life narratives of how poverty makes things tough, yet they are making ends meet somehow, with pride and dignity.

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    I have these doubts expressed by Vandana and Dhurba. That is why I said in my post itself that I may be wrong. But definitely, there is a decrease in the number of kids who are rummaging in dustbins outside restaurants and roadside fast-food kiosks. There is a change in the mentality of people. In earlier days many beggars used to come on the streets for begging but these days we are seeing very rarely such people. Opportunities for earning are visible and people are not hesitating to take troubles for earning.
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    Poverty, of course, exists and it might not be seen in some places but despite the fact that Jharkhand is doing its best in the financial terms, the picture is otherwise. There was a time, the attendance in the government schools was abysmally low but once the mid day meal started attendance picked up because of meal provisions. They would like to get the meals provided by the school campus for their children. Poverty does not have any shyness and the same can be proved with the improved attendance in such schools. Though there are free ration shops for the red card holders and the beneficiaries would like to avail off the same but later they exchange with the Kirana's shops for the better varieties. You can have the real pictures of poverty if you go to the remote areas of the villages.

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    According to me one of the reasons for the road traffic increase is nowadays most of the school college students and ladies are using 2 wheelers because of the reasons like traveling convenience, time-saving, punctuality to reach the destination, self-security of female students and working women which are not guaranteed in public transportation.

    Another notable thing is that vehicle loan is easily available through self-finance companies. The vehicle owner (loan borrower) or their parents are forced to work hard to repay their loans and do overtime work regardless of the time limit. In this busy time schedule, having a vehicle of their own is very much helpful.

    On the other hand, we all know that the increasing use of these vehicles and the restless work is also the cause of the increasing number of diseases. But we have to move on or are forced to move on according to the time and changing situation around us which will not be waiting for us. This is the real fact of our life.

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    What we are seeing on the roads is only a small fraction of the population of our country. It is also true that with economic growth and income of people rising their standard of living also increases proportionately. For sake of understanding let us divide the society in 9 parts - super rich, very rich, rich, upper middle class, middle class, lower middle class, poor, very poor, and destitute. All the categories above the lower middle class are always going for some betterment in their lives and buying newer and newer gadgets fuelling the economic growth further. But the lower middle class and below categories are not having that privilege. They are still struggling to survive. They are the people whom you can see in slums, jugghies, and huts which come up around the towns and cities at various places. Most of them are surviving on daily labour work or household work which is available near their place of dwelling. We don't see them on the roads as they are moving from one household to another completing the petty jobs.
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