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    Pressure has the power to pull up or pull down

    Working on pressure is not liking for many and they want to deal with the situation with the most composed and contended manner so that no mistakes or omissions can occur. But in an office exerting pressure from the employee is the known game as the management wants maximum from each employee and in some cases even before leaving the office, the work is given to test the patience and acceptance of employee at that hour. So pressure can pull up our work or sometimes pull down our efficiency for sure. Do you agree ?
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    True. One should not get pressurised. That pressure will cause tension in the individual. That tension will lower the skill and efficiency of the individual and that will make him inefficient. So a person should not get pressurised by seeing the work. One has to plan the work and a little time should be spent on planning. That will save a lot of time in executing the work. I have experienced this on my own. One of my bosses used to take on too much pressure. He used to create tension among other people. So I used to sit with him for 5 minutes and used to explain to him the planning for the next and I used to execute that plan on the next day. Once I started that planning, he called other departmental heads also and asked them to follow this system. Slowly we used to have a meeting in the evening every day and all departmental heads used to come and tell their planning. These practices gave very good rsults.
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    It is said that anything moves or tries to move only when there is external force on it. If there is no external pressure then it will just remain like that in its place resting lazily. So it is imperative that in any workplace the senior managers will always be after their subordinates to take work from them in an optimal manner. Human capability of working is immense. It is only that we have to channelise it in a proper way. Good managers and competent administrators very well know that how to get work from their subordinates in an efficient and productive manner. That is supposed to be what is to be taught during a business administration degree. Making a continuous pressure on the people to work with intermittent periods of relief are the well mastered techniques by many managers and most of them are following it today also.
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