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    Out of these toy trains, which one you have traveled and enjoyed ?

    Indian Railways operates five toy trains across the country and they are Kalka- Shimla, Darjeeling Himalayan railway, Nilgiri Mountain railway, Matheran hill railway and Kangra Valley railway. Be it elder or the children, having a ride on the toy train which operates on narrow gauge is full of fun as the chugging is very slow and people wound entrain and detrain while on the journey and the whistle from the engine would make everyone happy. Among the five routes in which train did you traveled and fully enjoyed the journey ?
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    Out of the above five mentioned, I enjoyed one train journey. That is Kalka Shimla Toy Train. A very thrilling experience. With a view to providing quick access to Shimla, Britishers started this train in November 1903. The first person who travelled on this train is Lord Curzon. The train will be running every day. But there may be some maintenance days.
    The Kalka Shimla Toy Train will be passing through more than 100 tunnels and 800 bridges. The total travel distance will be around 60 miles. This project is recognised as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The landscapes are inspiring.
    When we were travelling on this train we will never think about reaching the destination. The scenery around will make you for get about other things and I had many train journeys but never I got such feeling.

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    The author should call the named trains as JOY TRAINS and not toy trains.

    Regret I could not travel in any of them.

    But I have travelled i many toy trains at different places like in Bangalore Gardens, in Madurai Gandhi Park premises, in Mumbai Borivali National Park, in Coimbatore VOC park and many other places including in Ernakulam park. Some of them have become non-functional now due to Covid lockdown and other wear and tear.

    Still, I like to travel in these toy trains, if adults are allowed to travel.

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    For that matter Hyderabad Nampally Exhibition society runs a toy train that would run along the stalls covering one kilometer.
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