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    Does the bureaucracy has the party affiliations ?

    Whether it is central or state government, the policy and program of the respective govts are carried out and taken forward by the bureaucracy and in that case there are every chance that bureaucrats might be having party affiliations but they would not reveal and go slow with the govt works. When NTR was the first time non-Congress CM in Andhra Pradesh then, he complained that the officers were not working and not following his orders. Even in Modi govt there seems to see saw between the top officers and the Ministers and thus works gets hampered. Any comment?
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    Bureaucrats will have a big say in the efficiency of the government. The ministers may tell their ideas but the detailed planning and implementation will be carried out by the bureaucrats. If the bureaucrats want to bring a bad name to the government. they can delay the implementation and spoil the name by not implementing properly.
    Chandrababu Naidu was an efficient administrator. He made the rules and regulations very strict in the State of United Andhra Pradesh in all government offices and he introduced very good monitoring systems and which made these bureaucrats accountable many of them are very unhappy and they made all-out efforts to make him lose the next elections.
    Now in AP, the police are working as a hand in the glove of the government there and they are making opposition leaders suffer a lot.

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    Bureaucracy as a set up was non-partial and expected to be so. It was also considered as a 'Steel Frame' which did not collapse even when the political governments changed.

    However it was from the days of Indira Gandhi that the bureaucracy, as a set up started bending and bowing and slowly started to the stages of stooping at the feet of political bosses. Indira Gandhi's strong demand for a 'committed bureaucracy, set the stage for al this.

    But still we can say that there are silver linings in the black clouds. There are many excellent bureaucrats who do their duty as expected from the 'steel frame'. A few like T N Sheshan tried to bring back the real independence and efficiency of the bureaucracy. Even now there are some ,though very les in number , who are having such qualities. However many of them had to suffer a lot as political vendetta from their political bosses.

    As after all, in our country political power is the absolute power, even the strongest bureaucrat also can be traumatized and tarnished by even a local political leader. Under this pressure -which may manifest start from pleading, luring, and climaxing in threat and physical attack depending on the matter at hand and the stake vested interests have.
    Just as they say, when the society itself has lost its values and morals, bureaucrats are also a part of the society and the same corrosion and erosion in values can also be seen in them too.

    But almost all of them would have joined and started as energetic and principled youths with commitment to the work and with an earnest mind to serve the society and country. Over the years many among them wither away under pressure of falling victims to the human greed, and "making hay while the Sun shines"

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    Bureaucracy has its own way of working. In principle they follow certain rules, regulations, and policies and do not act on verbal orders. The political bosses in the ruling regime may give them some order in verbal or written from duly approved by the parliament or other statutory bodies but the bureaucrats will also examine all those things from their point of you and many times report back to the ruling regime that there are some difficulties in implementing those rules and the ruling regime has to do some more efforts in that direction either by modifying those rules or supplementing them with addendum.
    Political bosses will try to do many things to make the common people happy because of certain political motives but the bureaucrats will not be doing things blindly without ascertaining their officially correct standing. This can sometimes bring conflict between the bureaucracy and the ruling government.

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