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    Extend our humane character to the needy and please the God

    What does humane mean? Definitely, it is connected to being compassionate, kind, empathetic, or not wanting to see others suffer, etc. This is the basic principle inbuilt in all religions in one way or another.

    We may all be among those who have visited Holi places and shrines, according to our religious beliefs. The purpose of the visit may be to make a vow offering related to the fulfillment of our desire. These vows may be, we give up our favorite things and surrender them to the God we believe in and worship, of our choice (for example, cutting our beautiful hair and offering it to God, promising our favorite foods and fruits, and or offering clothes, flowers, candles, Gold, Money, etc.) It is happening for ages. But think for a moment, does God really need these offerings from us?

    We cross a number of begging people on the way to our pilgrim journey and at the entrance of the shrines or temples. Will, we be willing to give these food items carrying for the offering to these hungry people who are begging us, and If we ignore these people who really need these foods and clothes and move on, will God see any humane character in us or please in our offerings? Same way, we may perhaps notice some old age homes, orphanages, etc. nearby our residing places. Are we ready to spend 1 or 2 hours with them and show our humane character, If not, would God be pleased with the hours of a long journey to reach the pilgrim place?

    God wants us to extend our humane character to needy fellow human beings and living creatures around us. Educate someone and encourage them, Support a livelihood family or save a life, visit orphanage children, and never try to make them underprivileged, meet aged and lonely people of old age home waiting for few affectionate words. Yes, Then God is pleased with us because God is there in the midst of them.

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    Service to human beings is service to God. This is what we all believe. Hands that help others are much better than lips that pray to God. Offering food to a person who is hungry will be much appreciated by God than praying to Him. So one should be humane to please God.
    In many pilgrim centres, free food is being given to all the people who visit that place and pray to God. If we donate money for such schemes it will be very useful. All people including beggars and poor people can go eat there every day. That is why I generally donate a little money to such schemes in pilgrim centres those I visit.
    Our humane character will be known only when we help needy people and see that they are out of trouble. Such people will be in the good books of God and he will shower all blessings on such people and they will definitely receive the helping hand of God when there is a need.

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    For that matter having born as the human being, we must have the humane character and that would testify our traits as the good person and when animals can share and care to others, why not the six sense possessors human being who are bound to act with senses and responsibility. God given money and wisdom to those who acquire wealth and they are supposed to offer help to the fellow citizens. Not that they have to part with all earnings, at least a part of it should be earmarked for the poor and needy and that would be best way to please the God. There are some philanthropists in this world who would identify the real needy and poor and try to help them without even knowing their credentials. There is a saying that left hand should not know what the right hand is donating and that kind of secrecy should be maintained.
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    Even in our busy schedule, we should spare sometime for the service of the ailing humanity. There might be the different forms of serving and donation of moneys is one of the forms. However, to have a true satisfaction of our donation is the offering of foods and definitely if we are indulged in such acts, we would mark the pleasure of the hungry people during the process of consuming food. They would offer you blessings from their inner core of their hearts for such liberal donations and the same cannot be achievable in other form of charities. We can even donate in some societies claiming that the funds offered to these organisations is straightly utilised for feeding the starved people. However, we must be cautious in this regard that all claiming such benefits might be not be true. The best way is to feed the hungry people of our own areas so that we derive a sense of satisfaction, once they consume food stuffs giving us blessing from their hearts.

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    I strongly believe that God is never pleased with the tantrums that many people make to please Him. Some cut their hair, some walk barefoot, some keep fast, some offer money and jewellery, and so on. God is definitely not interested in these materialistic things and would not be impressed by these offerings.
    If we are interested to make the God happy then definitely there are other ways to do it and the most important one is to extend help and kindness to the poor and destitudes in this world. That is the only way to please the God and attain happiness and contentment in one's life.

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