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    When your benchmate was absent for long days and that missing time?

    When I was watching an ad in which a small boy shares a two rupee Horlicks pack and leaves at the door of his classmate and says "please drink this which has iron and vitamin and recover soon as the school is missing you" . Surely when the close mates are sick and not coming to the class the loss would be felt and we do not like any other person nor talk to them. Have you also felt the same way when the benchmates are absent for long days and you were yearning to meet them and know about the health and welfare?
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    When I was in my 9th class, I suffered from fever and was absent from school for a long period. Almost all my classmates visited me at my house and used to spend some time. I was having 3 very close friends. They were coming to me as and when they have some time and used to tell me about the happenings in the school, I was to submit doctor certificate. I gave it to them and they have handed over the same to my class teacher in the school. Even some teachers visited and wished me a fast recovery.
    We were staying in a small village and all people are known to us so people from all the families visited and wished me. I was on leave for about 45 days. After joining back my friends helped me in updating all my notes and records and because of their timely help only I could fare examinations will that year.

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    The benchmate feel would be more than the classmates and that is emphasised in this post.
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