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    The art of seeking high donations from others

    Often we are confronted with donation seekers either Individual or the organizations and even at our office for one cause or the other the amounts are collected and collectively pooled to have the bigger amount to donate. In that case the first donor name should be a popular person and with hefty amount as donation. That would set the trend for good collections further from others. If the first donor just pays pittance, and others would also follow the same. So the art of seeking donations has the way to approach.
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    Generally, the donation collection committee for any occasion will first approach a person who will give a good amount as a donation. If it is yearly collecting type donations. the collectors will see the record of the previous year and they will identify the donors who donated higher amounts. They make the list and approach them first. For example, in our residential colony, there is a temple that will perform a yearly festival every year in February. They will have a list of donors who donated to the festival the previous year. They start with a person who donated the highest amount and then follow the order.
    If it is once in a lifetime cause for which they are collecting the donations, the first approach the local MP or MLA or Minister and see that he will donate the highest amount and he will be the Chief Guest for the function they are going for to organise.

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    But the point is the first donor who must donate liberally and that figure would be followed and done by others.
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    Getting donation from people is not so easy and I would say that it is an art. There are many people who are having good income and they do not mind in parting away a small sum for any donation for a good cause like making a religious place or helping an orphanage or any similar act of charity. The donation seekers are very patient people. They will politely and submissively explain the purpose of the money obtained through these donations and impress the person with their talk so much that the person would give them more money then he initially thought to give them. Sometimes these donation seekers will approach a person in a workplace or organization sitting at a higher position. Once that higher up gives a good amount of money then many others below follow the suit.
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