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    Parents fix a wealthy groom but the girl opts for road side Mechanic

    Many parents are failing to understand the feelings of their girl child and before fixing any marriage or arranging any alliance, the girl was not consulted and informed at the last minute to which she is unable to take decision. At the same time she likes a road side mechanic and a good person but she does not have the guts to reveal the same to the parents. Now the marriage is almost agreed by the two sides and preparations are going on but the girl firm to marry the mechanic. What should be ultimate result in this case ?
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    First of all the parents might have asked the opinion of the girl before deciding on the match and going ahead. It is their mistake to decide and make arrangements. Just informing the girl at the last minute is a mistake.
    But there is a mistake from the girl also. When she came to know that her parents are making arrangements for her marriage she might have informed the parents about her love affair. When she is sure of marrying the mechanic, she should openly tell the same thing to her parents and ask them not to go ahead. If she is a major she can even complain to the police. Unnecessarily why she should keep silent and see the Tamasha. This may annoy the boy at the last minute and he will be upset. It is better to say no in the beginning rather than wait till the last minute.
    In our village long back, the marriage of a girl was fixed. The boy and his family members arrived in our village. The next day morning is the marriage. That night the girl eloped with another boy and the next day morning the parents of the girl were very much upset and not able to face the family of the boy.

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    We feel the need and love for a lifelong friend during adolescence, the first person who accepts you or you accept and likes to spend time with him or she should be your best friend. With whom you do not feel annoyed and only feel yourself. That when you fall in love for the first time, your life shakes the body when you feel a touch. But then rich or poor, caste creed nothing is understandable. They don't like to hear from their parents anything about him or her. That is love. So, in my opinion, he should marry the one he loves from the heart and dream of being happy with him for life. Parents should also be persuaded there.
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    But in joint families the individual preference on self decision regarding marriage is not allowed.
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    Marriage is a life long relationship. One should not be in hurry to fall in a relationship and spoil the marriage in the name of infatuation. Attraction for opposite sex is a normal thing in the young age. But it may not culminate in marriage in all the cases. A young person in our society is not free to act without the consent of his or her parents in this matter.
    Another thing is falling in love is one thing and finding out whether the person with whom one has fallen in love is really deserving and is a good person is totally another thing. So one has to be very careful and causes in this matter. When the girl very well knows that she cannot act against her parents then why she should enter in such a relationship? It is said that love is blind and people take blind actions when they are in love but it doesn't mean that they will take an action which is detrimental to their future lives.

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    I would ask the author to please clarify his position on this topic. He described something in the thread and in another response @#755978, he is saying that individual preference/self-decision regarding marriage is not allowed. If individual preference/self-decision of the girl is not allowed then she must act according to the instructions of the parents. There is nothing more to discuss here, isn't it? There is no point to discuss on what should be done or could have been done which is simply a waste of time without having any clarity on the topic of discussion.

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    This is one way good that before marriage if such affairs came to the knowledge of parents. In two to three cases I have seen the girls eloped with the loved ones after the marriage function is over or during the marriage. A friend of mine arranged marriage for his daughter with a boy working in some good company. The betrothal function went well and marriage in Chennai solemnized in a well manner. After gone to the house of bridegroom, the girl went out from that house by leaving her mangalsutra in that house. By seeing that mangalsutra they searched for her and found that she went out. On searching her, it came to light that she went with her lover, an auto mechanic who got married already and have a child. The father of that girl fell with stroke on that day and still in bed.
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