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    Don’t be just a human being but be humane also

    The most dominant creatures in this world are human beings. They have many differences from other creatures. They are psychologically more advanced. They have a mind to think and make things happen. They can use these qualities for their personal benefit or for the benefit of society also. But all human beings may not be humane.

    Being humane is a quality that is to be possessed by human beings. One should be compassionate. They should be caring about the world around them. This quality can't be inherited from our forefathers. It is a virtue to be developed by the individual over a period of time. We are born humans but being humane is the choice of an individual.

    Some individuals use everything for their benefit and exploit the system. They are exploiting the universe, animals. Plants and even other human beings also for their personal benefits. In this process, they are becoming inhumane.

    One should remember that our actions should not intrude into the life of other people and also should not harm others. Before taking any action we should step into the shoes of the other person and see what is the pain he is getting because of our actions. Then only we could go ahead. Once we inculcate this habit, we should say that we started being humane.

    Start being humane and respect the cause of others in the system also. Then only you will be a real human being.

    This is my submission for
    Topic-based Thread of the Week contest for April- topic- Humane
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    Human being are bestowed with sixth sense and that makes them one step ahead of other beings in the world and therefore one expect human being to be humane. Actually the selfish motives of many are spoling their foray into helping others and be kind to others. In the garb of self first they are forgetting their commitment to the society and well being of all. And those are humane would get their wisdom from the elders of the family and their behavior with others are very touching and moving. And what is the use of this life if we are discarding the needs and wants of fellow citizens to whom we are known and yet not reching out in time. What is the use of such wealth and which is not distrubuted to others as part and by living the selfish world, nothing is going to be achieved and the persons would remain unhappy for ever.
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    Nice post by the Author. Man is the best creature of creation. And the reason for this excellence is his humanity, conscience, and intellect. However, human beings are the only creatures on earth who have to achieve true humanity through constant practice and practice. Education helps people in this work. People with a sense of ideals and humanity are needed for the positive development of society. Ensuring the development of a country is also a prerequisite for human resources with ethics and values. The rising rate of education in the country means there is no doubt that educated human resources are being created, but educated people with moral, and human values ??are not being created. As a result, incidents like the killing of parents at the hands of children are also happening. Children, adolescents, and youths deprived of moral and humanitarian sense are involved in various criminal activities like drug addiction, militancy, murder, and rape. Professionals and working people are committing immoral acts like bribery and corruption without any hesitation. Bringing them back into the mainstream of life is an integral part of good education, a combination of the combined commitment of a dedicated teacher, an inspired student, and an enterprising parent. So what is the benefit of just being human? What if people do not benefit e? In order to get a good education in the decline of humanity, it is necessary to follow the practice of our ancient sages.
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    Being humane is a very big quality which very few people possess. If more and more people become kind hearted and extend helping hand to the fellow beings then this world will become a nice place. Unfortunately this is not true. There are so many selfish and crooked people who never help the fellow beings and in fact create disturbance and trouble for other people.
    In my opinion if the parents inculcate a feeling of coexistence and mutual living in the minds of their children then when these children become adult they would be following those teachings and helping the people in their surroundings. That way we can build a society where most of the people have a thinking of helping others.

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    This seems to be the valuable input by the author emphasising the need to be humane and showing the same in our activities. We are sometimes perturbed by the silly remarks of others especially the bosses passing lewd remarks very often. While working in the steel plant, I came across a manager, who was known to be the hard task master in getting the jobs done with his colleagues. He had identified the timing of lunch and once the lunch time was to start say fifteen minutes prior to this session, he would call an employee with whom he had heated discussions earlier to finish a task and then he should take his lunch or otherwise he would call someone from his residence having attended night shift for some minor explanations. Though the colleagues did not oppose his move but his unkind act could not be sustained any longer when the management identified his inhuman policies.

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    The best thing about a human is he/she can anything that they want because they are not bounded by any limitations from nature but other creatures have some limitations. So when we are already blessed with such powers, senses, emotions, affections, etc we should always bring awareness to humanity. When people forget humanity they actually lose the main motto of their existence. There is no rule regulation for humanity but it comes from your inner world, if you do not have all still you are a human that means humanity is already within you, just show it to others.

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    A very important message here. We are called humans because we have intelligence and can apply our senses according to our intelligence. Forgetting this many of us remain busy copying others' acts and doing mindless things. By doing so we are not utilizing our intelligence to its capacity and leading a restricted life. Being humane will help to remove the restrictions we have created for ourselves.

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