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    In today's life humans are no more humane

    Humane means a person shows great compassion and caring for all living things.But, nowadays it is totally gone from society. Nowadays, people are getting more selfish.They have no emotion and relation for others.They have become completely self-centred. Their motto is to develop themselves at any cost. Oftentimes, It has been seen that people achieve something by damaging others work. Very few people are present in our society who have feeling for others. Otherwise, most of them don't want to help other in distress condition.

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    The author has really portrayed the characters of the people who have become more self centered , selfish, not having time for others and even does not have the courtesy to ask for what has happened. When we move on the road and find someone fainted, we are duty bound to inquire and help him or her out or at least book the 108 ambulance as the medical attendance would be done immediately. Even this courtesy is absent in many and they say why I should bother about those who are not known to me. But at the same time he should think of the situation where in he collapsed somewhere on the road and many onlookers are indifferent and wont care to his falling on the ground and just imagine what would be situation at his home where the wife and children are eagerly waiting and no information about him or his whereabouts.
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    That is true. the selfishness of mankind is creating many issues and making the whole world a place to be discarded. Live and let live policy is getting old and live but never others to live is becoming the new concept. There should be a change in the mindset of the people. Then only we will have some relief on this earth. To celebrate the birthday of his son, a person is killing a goat? Is it humane? The very sorry state of affairs.
    Before doing any work think a little bit. Think what are the after-effects of our actions. The actions should not be harmful to anybody. But nobody bothers about that. Whether I am getting benefitted or not is the only point to be considered by the people these days.

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    The author has indicated that there has been a change in the human characters from the earlier days and in the sense that more selfishness is being observed these days. Sometimes we might be confused with their nice talks, talking always the lives of great men ad encourage us to follow their life styles. They may even talk of disparities prevailing in our system and would advocate for equalities to be restored in the system. We should not be lured with his charismatic styles of behaviour. Their behaviours might be exposed in the hours of crisis. They might pass on adverse remarks to the boss for their own benefits. There might not be the immediate disclosures of their nefarious attitudes but later it is exposed. They would go to any length to grab the promotion and with their charismatic styles, they even win the confidence of the boss. We should be aware of their dual sets of styles.

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    The author has made a practical observation of the things going around us in the modern times and I fully agree with that. People have become so much materialistic in their approach that they do not bother for anything and cheat each other to make a gain out of that. We are hearing of so many cheating and frauds in offline and online mode everywhere on a daily basis. The humanity is losing its humane character. We are
    heading in a direction that would be deadly for the future of the human race.

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