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    It is very difficult to make a profit by doing intraday trading

    Nowadays many people are trading in the stock market by opening Demat accounts. Many of them are retired people, students, and unemployed. I have seen many people who are discussing the stock market situation all day long. After the market is open in the morning immediately sit in online trading. They continue trading until the market closes. At the end of the day, someone's result is Rs. 500 loss, Rs.1000 loss, etc. I haven't heard of anyone making a profit. So who is earning from intraday trading and how? Please share your knowledge.
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    Intraday trading is good to make quick money. But a lot of concentration and focus are required. One has to make a timely decision to sell instead of waiting for more profit. Some traders will sit on their computers from morning to evening and do this trading. Their full-time job is this only. They make good money.
    But we can't say that there is no risk. Any shares business is risky only. So one should be careful in this. One should not invest their savings completely in this. A small portion can be tried and they can continue the business with the profit they are getting.
    But before starting the intraday business for some days one should do dummy transactions and understand the nack required to do this business. Generally, there are some professionals who are involved in share broking. Such people may be good in their predictions.

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    Many traders do intraday trading. Tips are given by reputed channels. One has to gather information about which sectors are going to perform well. In intraday trading, one need not buy and sell. One can sell and buy also. This helps a lot. Patience and information gathering helps a lot.
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    Stock market trading is a very complicated area.There are so many factors governing the stock market and there are so many fluctuations in it that it is very difficult to predict or speculate the future trend in the market.
    It is believed that if the economy looks up and the GDP of a country is healthy then stock markets also become very active and generally the stock prices of good companies rise in that scenario. Many traders look for these changing signs and invest in the market accordingly to reap the benefits after sometime. Some of them are able to track the stocks on a daily basis also and get the expertise of making money out of intraday transactions.
    An ordinary investor may not be able to make any money in intraday trading because of the complexities and difficulties in speculating the price after a few hours.

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    Stock market trading is not that easy and if some one says that just invest on stocks and see the earning fast, that is the foolish statement. One must study the behavior of the company, the stand of its reputation over the years, what the govt has given sops to that particular sector and how the market share of the company developed. When the company makes profit the stocks price would increase. Now a days Small Investment Plans are being by several people and even the UPI payment portals are also encouraging such small stocks buy. But I am of the opinion that we are not experts to have the tow of the performance of the invested company and therefore it would be foolish decision to invest and then yell for having lost the money. There are people who are ready to give good interest for short term finance and that is good.
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    In the thread, it is mentioned that many engaged in intraday trading are students, retired persons and unemployed. Well, I think they trade daily thinking that trading is a lottery which is not. There are many whom you will find purchasing lotteries and losing unnecessarily. When one is in intraday trading the person has to be aware of the trends and how to make gains. Thinking of trading as gambling/lottery will not be profitable at all. Those who have a very good knowledge of the equity market and remain aware of the regular trends make gains.

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