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    Thanjavur temple chariot tragedy was the clear case of human failure

    The Thanjavur temple chariot tragedy which caught fire when the upper portion of the chariot tilted and got in contact with live high transmission line and immediately the chariot engulfed in the flame and 11 people got killed. When such a big procession with big chariot was planned the electricity department should have cut off the power lines and therefore resulted in burned death of 11 people. That is the reason being so the state govt immediately announced 5 lakh ex gratia for the kin of the diseased and central govt also gave 2 lakh each.
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    Why should the Department have cut off the power lines? I read reports of this accident and it seems that the road's height had been increased by a foot after some recent work, hence the chariot's top was also closer to the cable wires. Should not the people in charge of the chariot have been made aware of this? Just two weeks ago, it seems there was no issue during a similar chariot procession.

    Even otherwise, whenever a procession is taken out that involves something of great height, the route should be carefully checked out well beforehand, to know whether the structure/idol can pass under a flyover, for example, or an overpass or thick tree branches and cable wires.

    The electrical department is hardly responsible for this tragedy. The organizers of the procession should be booked.

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    I agree with Vandana. The route might have been inspected just before the procession and if there is any hindrance they might have changed the route. Of course, it is a human failure only. The people who organised the procession might have taken more care.
    There is a temple in our area. Yearly once there will be a chariot procession. Some people will go ahead of the chariot and observe the height of the power cables and other wires and if there is any doubt they will change the route or try to clear the route by contacting the concerned people.
    11 people died and some more people died. Now State government and Central government gave some compensation. But the people who died can't be brought back. That is why when some important events are organised, the organisers should plan everything very carefully. I regret the incident and my condolences to the families of the deceased persons.

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    Whenever there is a procession of any nature there are chances of accidents and incident happening because of various factors. Today in our cities and towns we are having a jumble of wires going from here and there pertaining to electricity, cable TV, mobile towers, and things like that and in such a situation there are chances that anything which is quite high can touch with this and something untoward can happen at any time. The case under discussion is one of such cases only.
    It is the primary duty of the organisers of any procession to survey the route and take all safety measure and make security arrangements before starting the procession in that particular route. These people are generally in a hurry and do not check the things beforehand and they eventually meet with such disasters.

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