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    Court furious on SBI withholding no dues certificate for just 31 paise ?

    When there is no consideration for 50 paise and it is either rounded off to up or down amount, then where is the question of SBI holding a no dues certificate of a Gujarat farmer who wants to go for land dealing and the bank does not issue him the same citing reason that the farmer still owes 31 paise due to the bank and thus cannot issue the certificate. If 31 paise was big issue for SBI then how they let loose big sharks who duped the bank to the tune of crores and wont return back to India and how the bank has plans to sue them ?
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    It is ridiculous. They can ask the farmer to pay one rupee and close the case and issue the no-objection certificate. This is a clear case which shows how the government undertakings are working and their efficiency. They have no concern for the customer. Private banks show a lot of concern for the customers. I have an account in HDFC Bank. An officer comes to the house if there is any requirement. If we got to the bank they will attend immediately and do the needful.
    There are many incidents where customers are not happy with the SBI services. "Penny wise pound foolish" proverb correctly suits the example given by the author. They give huge amounts as loans to some industrialists and can't recover the same. But they are harassing a farmer just for 31 paise due.

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    This seems to be a case of blindly following the rules without using common sense. In our official procedures in many departments, sometimes such situations arise and if the authorities do not tackle them with common sense then an inconvenient situation for the customer is created. This one also seems to be a case belonging to same category.
    SBI is a leading bank and it is not expected from them to adhere to such practices troubling the customers. The manager in the bank can take a decision in this matter and if he has a doubt he can get it clarified from his higher ups.

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