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    How does society survive despite the naked form of social degradation?

    We are gradually moving towards a cruel time where humanity, morality, values, kindness, and compassion are being replaced by immorality, inhumanity, cruelty, and violence. These seem to be the cause of moral decay.
    We all know that morality is related to the principle of life. The work of policy is to determine values, to build the ideal of life. And morality is an outward form of this principle. Morality establishes principle. So the place of principle is only in the thought-consciousness of the individual, and in the conscience. As a result, morality is embellished in a person's conduct and daily activities. Therefore, all the virtues of honesty are present in a person who is naturally moral. And only a few people keep society alive from various superstitions and evil influences. Otherwise, society would have been destroyed due to social degradation. So they can be compared to God because society survives for them. Your opinion, please.
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    Society will survive as long as nature is not destroying society completely. In Hindu mythology, we read many stories. When evil acts and evil forces are increasing and getting on to a peak position, something will happen or some person will appear and invoke values and the moral system again by acting against the evil forces and defeating them. That is what Rama did and that is what Krishna did.
    As human beings if we all remember our basic responsibilities and if we behave like human beings, society will not collapse and will continue. As we are growing in our age we all know that we are nearing our end. In the same when things go that bad, a day will come where those will die down and values will come back into the system. The last laugh will be too good only but not too evil. Of course, good also suffers a lot in establishing its greatness.

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    Society survives because of the good people who are liberal in their thoughts and actions, secular, and tolerant towards other religions. Many people are not just human beings but humane also. As long as such people are there, the society survives the onslaught of religious maniacs who in the name of religion create violence. The people who support such activities perish in their anti-social activities.
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    For that matter society is nothing but groups of people and that groups comes from Individuals representing each house and the good nurture begins at the home. Immoral, inhumanity ,cruelty and violence has no place when peace has been taught by the parents to the child and the good citizens are molded in such a way at the home. I do agree with the author that good people are very handful prevailing in the society and only for their cause the nature is also responding and be regular that the seasons are happening otherwise the destructions would have been long back and we would have doomed for sure. Even today good heart people are very kind to their enemies and pardon them for sin and evil doing. Such kind of rare traits are absent in many and we have to develop ourselves to be fit to live in this society.
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    KVRR Sir has stated that "Society survives because of the good people who are liberal in their thoughts and actions, secular, and tolerant towards other religions.".--------- That was our (means common people with low level of education like me) general impression about those superior people who take pride to address themselves as secular-liberal.
    But, of late, the situation has changed. The so-called secular-liberal group are now considered most illiberal and disdainful towards others' views. There has been an internal churning among the liberals themselves. I have tried to discuss the matter in a separate Forum post,, which ,as usual, very few Members have found fit for discussion. I am giving the link here: Fissure in Liberal camp:....

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    Modern society has become more and more materialistic in recent times. Most of the people are selfish in nature and even cheating each other. The simple and gullible people are being exploited by the clever ones. It is obvious that moral values will go down in such a situation.
    It is very true that the level of society is assessed from the moral values that it possesses and the virtues that the people belonging to this society have. Today we are having a very few people who have virtuous qualities and that is the reason why society is sliding down on a path of degradation.

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