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    The costliest watermelon in the world

    India is famous for mangoes. After mangoes in summer watermelons will also be liked by many people. Almost all people starting from kids to aged people, everybody wants to eat these watermelons during summer to get relief from the heat of this summer and make the body a little cool.
    We all will be purchasing them and the cost may not be more than Rs.200/- per Kg. But there is a special variety of watermelon that is being grown in Japan commonly known as Black Watermelon or Densuke watermelon. They are very rare and only 100 numbers may be grown in a year.
    These fruits will be sold by auction and the price may go up to Rs, four lakhs.
    Who can afford it? When I heard this I thought at least can we have a glance at the fruit.
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    This is new information to me and astonished to note that a watermelon cost so high and what is the speciality of such high cost fruit when we can get satisfied with our own desi watermelons now available two pieces for 50 rupees. If the fruit can assure some sort of longevity to life or if a person takes that fruit would not have hungry for years, then there must be so much demand and even grown elsewhere in India. Some fruits are grown only to attract the entry into the Guiness book of world records and probably this is also same kind to grab attention. If the fruit is good and having such great price, then why only few produced and that too sold by auction. Anyway the curiosity has increased and I would request the author to share the images of this great fruit which is so costly and people eating the same can be shared here.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    The author has provided me an exciting information regarding the price of watermelon though not found in origin but still it belongs to this family. Desi watermelons are so cheap that a piece of the same weighing around 2 kg would cost us around Rs 50/- or even less in most of the places in our country. This fruit is ideal in the summer days and is available almost all the places satisfying our buds apart from quenching our thirsts. Many of us would like to have this juice after blending some drops of lemon to enhance the taste of this fruit. This cannot be denied that it contains a lot of vitamins and minerals to supplement our body tissues.
    However, the author has provided me a surprising information relating to the unique brand having its prohibitive cost. We would definitely be pleased to have a glance of this variety.

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    This is a surprising information shared by the author. As this is a rare variety grown in Japan in limited numbers it is natural that the cost would be much more than the usual common watermelon. Another interesting aspect in this matter is that there are some rich people who have a fancy for rare items and they will like to buy that item to show the world that they have that item in their houses. So there is a demand for such rare items from a set of rich people and as the quantity is in limited numbers the price of the item soars up. These item are sometimes known as celebrity or VIP items and are presented in the media in that way only.
    Knowledge is power.

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