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    Thank God! It was a Chinese 'Bael' (Stone Apple) - Not an Indian one!

    This happened just now in front of my eyes.. I was returning from office. Inside our residential block, there is a Bael fruit tree. (I didn't know earlier that Bael fruit is known as Stone Apple in English.)

    A Chinese product-loving lady planted this Chinese Bael tree along with a Chinese Lemon plant. Today evening, some young children were playing around this Bael tree. A young boy was vigorously shaking the tree full of fruits. Suddenly, a ripe fruit fell down and hit directly the boy.

    The ripe fruit hit the boy on his head. He fell on the ground. The guardians and neighbours came out. He was taken to a local physician whose chamber is just outside the block. I also accompanied them. After 15 minutes or so, the physician declared that the boy was out of danger. There was no serious injury on his head.

    The Chinese Bael fruits are much smaller in size compared to their Indian cousins. Not only that, the height of the Chinese Bael tree is lesser than the Indian Bael tree. Fortunately, these two factors worked in favour of the young boy.

    The boy has managed to recover quickly only because it was a Chinese Bael, not an Indian one.
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    Many things can be inferred through this submission. That the Bael tree or stone apple tree is new to many and if that is not apple then whey it was named the stone apple. Is that like plastic rice which is being circulated in some parts of India and that came from China. Secondly when the fruit is not eatable, then what is the use of such fruit. And when the so called fruit can hit the child so hard, then why the tree needed at all. Why such unwanted trees exist in China and what is the use of it even for them. One thing has become increasingly clear that China wants to make fool of everything it has and India has done good thing to cut off relations with China otherwise our TRS govt would have arranged the Bael stone apple tree at the road meridien to show that they have concern for the green harvest across the state.
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    But Mohan Sir, Bael tree is most common Indian tree. In summer, all of us take Bael-panaa. I don't know what is it called in Tamil Nadu or in Andhra Pradesh. Here I said that the Bael of Chinese variety is smaller than its Indian cousins.
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    Though the Chinese Varieties are looking smaller in shape as compared to the Indian ones, it would have all the inherent qualities found in our Indian varieties. If confirmed that the tree in the question is the Bael Varieties being referred the same to Stone Apples, the same can be consumed in the summer so that we can have its benefits of cooling benefited for digestion, even strengthening our liver system. It has lot of nutrients such as Calcium, Magnesium, Iron and lot of Vitamins of C and B. It is a fibrous fruit and as such it can arrest excess of blood sugar level within the system. It can be utilised in the summer making Bael Juice or Bael Panna for the overall benefits of our health.

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    If the author could share the photo of the Bael tree, we could understand that more and even the replies would be apt to the expectations of the author.
    K Mohan
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    The height of the tree and the size of the fruit of the Chinese variety helped the boy indeed as mentioned by the author. I think the children playing around the tree were not much aware of the type of fruit the tree bears and that's why the boy shook the tree so hard. This thread has an important message and that is to remain aware of the common fruits/vegetables before pulling them from the trees. Stone Apple commonly known as Bael is very hard and has many health benefits and to pull out fruits from such trees all the precautionary measures have to be followed.


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    This fruit is known as Maredu Fruit in AP and Telangana states. The leaves of these trees are very famous and are being used for worshipping Lord Shiva. The same leaves are used for worshipping Ganeshji on Ganesh Jayanthi day.
    These fruits are very hard and they will give a lot of pain by any chance if it hits us. It is a slow-growing tree of medium size. It will be12-15 meters tall with a never short trunk. The material inside the fruit will very bitter in taste.
    I never know about the China version of this tree and fruit. The fruits are not sold on normal days.

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    Bael tree is a common tree in India and it's fruit is used during summer as well as used in many Ayurvedic medicines. Bael tree is well known for its medicinal properties and used by people in various ways.
    I was not knowing about the Chinese version of this tree which has smaller fruit size than that of its Indian counterpart. It is a strange coincidence that a smaller sized bael fruit was involved in the incident helping the student to get away safely.
    The Indian version of bael fruit is quite big and heavy and can harm a child if it falls straight on the head.

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    I think there is more to it than what is being discussed! I feel so because there is nothing worth discussing in the thread otherwise. Members are requested to read between the lines before responding.
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