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    The humane side of euthanasia

    There are many patients who are terminally ill and some of them are in coma or vegetative state. Due to the advances in medical science and technology, these patients are kept on artificial support and their terminal conditions are extended for some unknown time till they finally die. With the existing modern medical techniques, the doctors will try to keep them alive till the last minute.
    There are many human groups which advise euthanasia for such patients to give them relief from the pain and sufferings and have a peaceful timely death. Euthanasia is defined as 'granting painless death to a hopelessly ill patient with a non-curable disease'. In a few countries across the world this is allowed under guidance but in many countries it is considered as illegal. There are different opinions for providing euthanasia to a terminally ill patient but many people believe that it would be a humane practice to do so.
    As the patients in coma or vegetative state are well known for their irrecoverable state, the supporters of euthanasia claim that it is a dignified way of providing a peaceful death to a person voluntarily or involuntarily. In spite of all this the topic of euthanasia is a controversial subject. Many humane groups across the globe are trying to make euthanasia a legal practice.

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    This has been the debated issue and matter since many years as the relatives and well wishers of the terminally ill patient never supported the euthanasia method with the hope that some miracle would happen and there would be chance for survival. Though killing a person before his destined time is illegal and not acceptable in any religion, just for the purpose of getting rid of overlooking the patient the relatives may give consent for such arrangement but the patient would never know that he or she is going to die even before the destined time. Euthanasia is slowly getting popular as some groups are trying to make this practice legal and there by assuring the patient the dignified death. But for any person close to the patient would not agree to the end of life in forced way and that is why India is holding such methods as of now.
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    Euthanasia is considered a sin by many people. But when these advances in medicine were not there, people may be leaving them and they may be dying. But when these advances are there, if we support the patient for some time he may recover and may become normal. With this hope, only people try to continue their treatment. The person on the bed may be getting pained more because of the treatment. But when doctors come and ask the relatives and family members whether to continue or not, it is very difficult to say no. That is why doctors should analyse the situation and make a decision. But these days corporate hospitals, try to keep the patient till another patient comes on to the bed.
    My brother had a kid. That kid got s very high fever and become unconscious. They admitted that kid to the best hospital in the city. When the doctors lost hope they put the kid on a ventilator and after one week, they asked the decision of us whether to continue or not. We asked them to continue. But after two days the doctors could not save the kid.

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