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    Is there exist anything like humane execution?

    Capital punishment, or the death penalty, is a controversial punishment for heinous crimes in several countries, and execution is the act of carrying out the death penalty sentence. From time to time, there have been reviews in developed countries to find a more humane method of execution.

    There were much crueler methods of execution practiced worldwide in the middle age. However, hanging was one of the most prevalent methods of execution in the nineteenth century. The other method of execution was the use of a firing squad. However, it was replaced by electrocution, which was considered a humane method at that time. Later, execution by use of lethal gas was adopted, claiming it to be a more humane method of execution. However, presently, lethal injections are being used for execution in countries like the US, China, and a few other countries. as an even more painless and humane method.

    Many people believe that, ethically, it is always inhuman to practice capital punishment, irrespective of the method adopted for execution. Perhaps, there is no justification for the death penalty. There are no so-called humane and painless methods of execution.

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    Execution can't be humane. However, I feel that among the present methods of execution in vogue in the civilized countries, execution by injecting poison is painless and quick. So, this method is most preferable.
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    Probably the winning entry to the TOW topic the author has brought in a good subject to discuss. When the court declares the capital punishment, then the options are open for the culprit to petition the President for pardon and that would not happen in many case as the court rulings were never over taken by the President of our country. The various methods adopted to execute the person may be less painful or not even known the person but the fact remains that the person is executed. But think of the cruel method being practised in Saudi when the person proven is punished by lovering in the ditch and then the mud is levelled up to his neck and law enforcing agency would ask the passerby to beat the person with lethal stones and that would be more inhumane and cannot even be imagined. Lucky that our courts still have soft corner on the convicts.
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    The death penalty is not just to kill a man but to send a message to society that doing criminal activities may lead to their death. Once this message goes, people will have fear and may not commit such crimes again and again. But because of the delays in finalising the cases are delaying the punishments also. That is why people are forgetting the misdeed committed by a criminal by the time his death penalty is executed.
    Method of execution may not make much difference. Whatever may be the method, the outcome is the same. So if the execution is more bitter means it may send a strong message to the other culprits also. So we need not think much about that. To the maximum possible extent, courts are avoiding giving the death punishment and meant times these people may apply for the president's pity to release them. When the person is inhumane why courts should be humane to him/her?

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    Death sentence is given in extreme cases. People have different opinions about this matter whether the death sentence should be given or not given. If we do not give the death sentence to a particular person then he will be kept in jail all his life. Based on good behaviour and good record he may be released after a time period of 20-30 years or he may be released from the jail based on the changed policies of the government during that long time. That gives an added advantage to that person who once did a heinous crime that he got released from the jail before his death. If he has a criminal tendency then he can again commit a crime. These are the basic reasons why capital punishment is given to the extreme criminals.
    As regards to the method of giving death sentence to such person, the advice of the medical fraternity should be adhered and least painful method will be the suitable one.

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    Death sentences is the ultimate step of punishment giving no chance to culprits to mend their ways.While awarding the death sentences, the judge would examine the circumstances and there is the crowd of the witnesses before the judge giving the entire details how they have committed offences but the reality might be otherwise. Even the innocents might be entrapped sometimes in the false cases. They don't have enough resources to defend themselves and ultimately they might face the extreme punishments.
    Death sentences should be rear and this can be averted with the reward of imprisonment for life long and providing their improved behaviour in the jails, they might be released afterwards for their changed personalities. In that way, they get the chance of their changes for the better.

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