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    If women are the symbol of power, then what is the symbol of men?

    As soon as the word 'woman' is uttered, the image of the loving mother through whom we see the light of the world floats in front of us. But their victorious power is suppressed, they have to face a lot of violence. Women's empowerment is being established but in most cases, it is not seen as positive. Let women be enlightened in their own strength, let society and the world be enlightened, every pinnacle of success in conquering on their own initiative. Only then the identity of women's power will be exposed in front of society. But is patriarchal society really afraid of them? Many jokingly say that men are the symbol of endurance which is the carrier of female power. But I think the woman is power, the woman is nature and the man is her support. What do you think?
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    If women are the symbol of power, then the men are the symbol of strength. The formidable strength of the men and women power both culminate to make a good family bonding and thereafter a happy family with children. Women are bestowed with power or shakti what we call in Hindi and other languages. With this shakti she has the power to control any calamity, any challenge or any sad situation forced on her and thus come out victorious. On the other hand the strength of the man is his absolute asset through which he makes a living for the family. That is why the elders use to say "Udyogam Purusha Lakshanam" that means the men are supposed to go for work and the women are supposed to look after the home and children and that compensates each other for the responsibilities they own and do it with much care and trust.
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    The women of these days are no way less than a man in all aspects. There is no necessity that they should be at the mercy of somebody else. Man and woman both are required on this earth. Otherwise, there is no propagation. Here there is no question that one is great and the other is not great.

    In the olden days, women were made to be inside the house thinking that they can't face the difficulties that are prevailing in our society. They were made to depend on men for all their requirements. But there is a change in the situation. Ladies are establishing their existence and they are proving that they are no way less than a male. But still, we find some atrocities on ladies by cruel people. All females should become self-sufficient and should be able to save themselves without expecting somebody to come and help them. Both of them should have power, patience and endurance, I feel.

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    In our scriptures and culture woman is considered a symbol of power and that power is derived from Devi or Durga or Kali as depicted in our holy books. A woman is a synonym of this 'shakti' and is described everywhere in that fashion only. In today's context, a woman is working in all the areas which were earlier considered men's privilege. Men were seen and visualised as the protector of women giving them support in all respect. Women are also considered the creator of this world because they give birth to human beings and without them, there is no existence of any human.
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