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    Do not disturb tranquility of any living things

    An old lady who was very dear to the villagers was passed away yesterday in a remote village of Telangana and obviously many participated as mourners in funeral procession. Some over enthusiastic persons busted crackers on the way to the graveyard. With the sound and smoke emanating from powerful crackers, the honeybee comb was disturbed and swarm of bees attacked the mourners who run for their safety leaving the body on the road. At least 20 people were badly bitten by bees and were hospitalized and the body could be taken out only after bees cleared off that place. What is your say on this ?
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    It is very common in Telangana to firecrackers while carrying the dead body of an old person. Especially, this custom is there in some castes. If the death is normal and the aged person dies only this will happen. It is unfortunate that there was a honey bee comb near and the honey bees got disturbed because of this sound. Once they get disturbed, nobody can stop them and they will create havoc. Probably the honey bees were very happy by seeing more people and went on a rampage I think. It is funny to know that the people left the dead body and started running.
    That is why people will take care if they find a money bee comb on a tree. There are some trained people who can manage the situation. In our house, there was a hiney bee comb on a tree. The father of our servant maid is trained in extracting honey from those combs. He came and extracted the honey from the comb.

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    In some societies such rituals exist where the mourners resort to firing crackers or play music band etc. It is definitely a disturbance and nuisance to the people in the surrounding area.
    In this particular case narrated by the author it disturbed the natural harmony that existed between honey bees and the nature. It resulted in the attack by honey bees on the mourners. The moral of the story is that as far as possible we should not disturb the natural harmony existing around us in various forms. Pollution of all sorts including noise pollution is detrimental to the environment.

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