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    Humane is not working well in all situations

    When a relative girl of my side got pregnant my wife wantonly helped her as she has no relatives in the nearby area except her husband. Since the day of delivery my wife took care of her and the new born baby in all respects. We did only without any expectations but only with the helping tendency and on our expenses. After getting everything alright, they went to their house and safe. But she and her husband, though a relative of us, spread a news that the help did by us only as they gave a good money to us. When we heard this word through somebody we lost ourselves on the humane value. With much frustrations, we kept quite without any comments or explanaitons.
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    Very unbecoming of that relative who took all the help of your wife, safely reached their house with baby in hale and healthy condition and then spreading wrong about your wife. It is ridiculous on the part of some relatives who are present in every family that they keep quiet till the work done and thereafter spread false information to which others believe. In these days one should not volunteer to help others unless and until asked for. Moreover what happened to her parents and in laws who are supposed to take care of the girl during pregnancy and she is not even having courtesy to say thanks and instead spread false news. This is the lesson for your wife also not to venture to others help in future unless and until there has been formidable request from the opposite side. Please ask your wife to forget what has happened and live peacefully.
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    The author cites in his pen an example of how humanity-civilization is rapidly moving away from society. If this continues, we will not be able to reach anywhere socially, the story of humanity will have to be satisfied by singing the praises of exceptions from time to time. The number of people who do not hesitate to do harm instead of benefit is increasing day by day in this society. Therefore, it is necessary for human beings to develop as human beings, for which the duty is to build a true social movement, which will connect the individual human beings with the human connection with their fellow citizens, will teach them to think socially. There is no doubt that that work is very difficult because they only want to think for themselves, to see their own interests, the thoughts of others do not naturally find a place in their mind. For this reason, both our economy and politics have given this ultimate selfishness an unprecedented dimension, in the pursuit of which many people today are no longer compelled to violate the very basic conditions of humanity.
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    It is really a disappointing message which might have frustrated you especially when both of you rendered your best help in the hours of need. Your timely help especially your wife resulted in safe delivery. However, the couples were so selfish that instead of being obliged of your best possible care in the crucial hours, they have floated a false rumours maligning your image. Such incidents are not uncommon these days since there is a great transformation in the society where humanity is least seen in some people despite your best help. Henceforth, your wife should not help for the similar cases unless there is a request from such parties and apart from that both of you need to see their past records of behaviours before you couple make up mind for help.

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    That is why some people are distancing themselves from other people. The good intentions of the individual are never getting recognised. There are many such people these days. That is why sometimes I feel that we should not help people. It is better to help animals and plants.
    I know a poor man in a village nearby Hyderbad and I helped him in getting a job in the company where I was working. Then some vaccines came for ladies and that poor man requested for a post to his wife and somehow I managed that also. After working for some 3 years, oneday they came to my house and asked me to see that they will be promoted. I told them that I will not interfere in promotion and increment issues as there is a policy to the company and that will be followed. They were not promoted as some other eligible seniors were there. They were not happy and started abusing me while talking to others. Then I felt I helped wrong people who never deserve any help.

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    I want to appreciate you and your wife for helping someone selflessly. In fact, some incidents happen where a person does not even appreciate humanity at times. Though your intention was good so the result of this karma will also be positive. I do not understand why those people comment such lei about you even when you help them but still, I believe we should help others up to that extent when they actually valued your support or help. But if someone does not value your efforts do not apply more efforts to such persons. There are many more needy people in this world please go ahead and help them.

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    hello you are the talking about It is really a disappointing message which might have frustrated you especially when both of you rendered your best help in the hours of need. Your timely help especially your wife resulted in safe delivery.
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