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    Why were the pink slips given to the employees in the software industry during the global recession?

    In a Global recession time, the U.S based or foreign-based software companies give pink slips to the majority of the employees in multinational companies even the employees are on the project and working? Why it is so? We have to understand that all the employees in Software company are not working at least 45 percent in employees are not having any work in a branch of one MNC...Why were the pink slips given to the employees in the software industry during the global recession?
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    When the world was in good order and the life was going well, the MNC's had the field day and looked after the employees very well and even taken light of less work or no work with some employees and accommodated them with full salaries and no pay off. But when the recession started, there was no demand, no work, and the companies went in to bankruptcy and cannot even be compensated by the govt there and therefore has to give pink slips stating that they cannot claim the arrears whats so ever in future and if they wont agree then they can part ways from the company. It is like giving right for voluntary resignation from the company either to sail with the organization during crisis or say goodbye. But fortunately India survived from such situation and the employees were taken care off and that gives greater hope in IT industries.
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    No, Several Indian established MNCs issued pink slips to the employees in many crisis situation and in global recession but later when the recession period is over again the companies recruited many employees.
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    Not only IT employees but also many other employees in other industries like manufacturing and service industries employees were removed as there is no work. Some companies reduced their salaries and some industries were completely closed down. These employees who lost their jobs suffered a lot without any assistance from any source. However slowly the companies started taking back those employees again after normalcy was established. As of now recruitment in the IT sector is going on very fast. They are recruiting many new employees and some companies are giving good hikes to their employees to retain them.
    I think in the coming days we will see many opportunities in the IT industry and many people will get absorbed. The employees who were given pink cards by an employer tried elsewhere and settled. As of now the IT employees are doing well and hope the same situation will continue in the coming days.

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