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    Coal shortage and power outage across India. How about your area?

    There has been huge coal shortage and the power production across the country has been vastly affected and the demand for power due to scorching heatwave across the country has further worsened the situation. Fortunately we in Hyderabad are having full power and no shut down. How about your area? How many hours power has been cut off? Either in the morning hours or in the evening hours? How the farm sector being taken care off? Please give details so that we can have inclusive information about the crisis across the country.
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    While talking about the state of Jharkhand, the situation is really disappointing due to frequent power cut offs though DVC is organisation is there having three power plants generating 1075 MW in the normal conditions but due to shortage of coal, it hardly generates around 600 MW not enough to serve its consumers. In Bokaro Steel City, the steel plant is having its own captive power plant to take care of its own consumption for steel making and meeting the requirements of colonies in respect of power but the frequent cut off of power for hours together has made lives of the inhabitants hell these days. It is attributable to non fulfilment of demand of coal from the collieries supplying to the captive power plant. Patratu Power Plant owned by the state government having its maximum capacity of generating power to the extent of 180 MW is producing hardly 100 MW due to less availability of raw coal. This has made the lives of the people worst due to frequent power tripping and the entire state is in grip of severe shortage of power for more than 12 hours on an average daily. Hope the situation will improve in the rainy season to some extent when the summer season is over when enough coal reserves would be available to the respective units.

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    The warning from Coal India, the world's largest coal producer, has raised new concerns about India's energy supply. The overall cost of Coal India has gone up due to the increase in the salaries of the workers and the rise in the price of fuel and diesel used in the mining equipment. But the government has not increased the price of coal for a long time. Low-quality coal is used especially in power generation which is extracted from open-pit mines. The current price is much lower than the current production cost of this coal, so if the price is not increased, the coal industry will face risk. So the government should keep pace with production by allowing the necessary price increase. As an immediate step, however, the government has decided to stop nearly 750 passenger trains on various routes to supply only the coal wagon quickly to the power plant. It is hoped that this will solve the problem temporarily.
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    Dhruba I would appreciate if you give the account of power shortage or position in your area.
    K Mohan
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Right now acute shortage of coal is going throughout the country. Not only the power sector but many other industries are also facing the shortage of coal.
    I am presently living in Lucknow, UP and though we do not have long shut downs but power is going intermittently as circuit protectors are tripping at places. The efficiency of maintenance staff seems to be better than last year and many shut downs are limited to 2-3 hours. People are giving credit for this improvement to the Yogi Govt which is monitoring the power situation closely.
    Anyway summer had just started and there are two to three peak summer months still ahead and we have to see how the electricity department in UP is going to face the challenging situations coming in those times.

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    Umesh, if the power cuts for two or three hours right now, the situation seems to be more challenging in near future.
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    In Hyderabad, in our area, there is no power cut so far and 24 hours power supply is there. But yesterday there was no power for the whole day and we suffered a lot. Around 6 PM, the power came and then the situation has become normal. But the heat is very high and not able to move out in during peak hours.
    In Andhra Pradesh, the situation is very bad. My parents are staying in a village in AP and they are telling me that every day almost a power cut is there for 6 hours. They have the inverter and that is why they can have their fan running during power cuts also. All the industries are having 2 days of power holidays and no power will be supplied to them on those two days. In Andhra Pradesh, the government is asking people not to use ACs and coolers to reduce power consumption.
    I don't know even in Telangana there may be power cuts in the coming days. The rates were increased to a large extent and people are suffering to pay the hefty bills.

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