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    Do parent's success lies in enabling their offsprings to outperform them?

    Humankind has always been perplexed about the meaning of success. Though attempts have been made from time to time to define success, it has always eluded humankind. Leaving aside the meaning and purpose of success for individuals, let us attempt to understand the definition of parents' success.

    The parent's success lies in enabling their offspring to outperform them in all realms of life. The offspring should better their parents' financial independence, education, behavior, and other personality traits. It is easier said than done.

    What are your observations in this regard? Is the definition of success so simple and straight?
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    Parents are always there to encourage their kids and would like to see them in the covered posts with the decent qualifications or when they groom with some management qualifications from any one of the reputed institutions, they would be joining their hands in the parental business so that family business expands into different areas. However, this might be the dream not necessarily their dreams would be fruitful always but they have the every hope that the performance of the kids would be much much better than theirs. In terms of sacrifices, they would everything possible to lift them career wise. It would be their pleasure to see their children in the most prestigious assignments once they are grown up.

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    I do think that with the success of children parents also feel feeling of accomplishment and success and it is not a wrong thing to say that a child's success is ultimately the success of a parent but to completely leave everything to a child and sit idle is not something to be appreciated. I have seen parents who are young and in the age that is not the age of retiring but as soon as their child achieves a milestone they plan early retirement and live an idle life when they are actually able to achieve big feats at that stage as well. I don't think such should be the case and such tendencies should not be given much appreciation but yes I do believe that in the children's success the biggest players and sharers are often parents and need to be given due credit
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    Gone are the days when the values of education was not given importance and the farmer father felt that the son would join him in the fields once grown up. Once the outflex of people started towards the city and seeking to work in govt jobs and private companies, the parents also understood the meaning of education and thus decided what come may, they would give better education and thereby assuring better career for the child. Fortunately many parents have achieved their success and the children could outperform the parents in terms of name, fame and even earnings and that brought the immense pleasure and pride to parents. And me and my wife are going to have the best time of our life when my daughter would become the MBBS doctor in just two months. So when the children perform we get the immense success.
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    I feel the success of parents lies in making their children good citizens. There is a saying in Sanskrit which means a father will be happy to face defeat at the hands of his son. That means the son should be in a better position in his life than father in his life. Definitely, that is the success of parents only. All parents feel that their children should be much more comfortable than them on all fronts of life.
    Dasaratha wanted to see his son Rama as the emperor and decided to make him the king. But the story went in a different way and Dasaratha died because he could not see his son as king. That shows how the parents think and dream about their children and how much sacrifice they do for the benefit of their children.
    When their children attain a good position, parents will be very happy and try to say the same to many people. They never mind their age and difficulties and feel happy to see their wards in good positions.

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    If that is the case, then I would say that humankind is still perplexed about defining success. What is mentioned in the thread about success is some comparison and I think most of us measure success by comparing ourselves with others. If a student thinks that success means doing better than the topper and not anything else then this comparison will give rise to frustration at some point and enmity towards the other person may develop. That's what is happening everywhere. Why can't we say that living life to its full potential is a success? I agree with what Dr Rao has said that the success of parents depends on the quality of the citizens. If it is only outperforming their parents in terms of money or power then a corrupt politician can always think that he is very successful when his son indulges in corrupt practices and make huge money. Are we going to call this a success? Such examples are also no less in numbers.

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