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    Animals proving to be more humane than humans

    This may sound ironic. Human beings are said to b endowed with a sixth sense, whereas animals are aid to have only the five senses.
    Probably God or nature or Creator-whatever we may call- have given human this extra sense or mind or conscience , to be used for the benefit of fellow species and other species.
    After seeing and evaluating the cruelties and destruction the human beings are causing to their own fellow beings and to other species and nature, the creator or God would have been regretting now.
    Had any other animal be endowed with this extra sixth sense I strongly doubt, the world would have ben more peaceful and happier.
    Almost every day now a days we get to read reports or view the videoclips of human cruelty as well as the extra kindness of other animals. It was just yesterday I saw a short videoclip of a person skinning a chicken live. I was shocked. And many others too. Were shocked was evident from the comments given thereunder. A follow up report updated that the person was arrested.
    There can be any number of examples showing the 'humane' quality of animals and total lack of it in human beings. So the conclusions that the quality 'humane' is a misnomer for human species and it is a quality actually shown by other animals.
    Animals are more and real humane than humans.

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    The author has given the best count of animals being humane than the behavior of human. I also came across fes video clips wherein a goat was getting a gentle massage from the cat. Both animals cannot meet with each other but the bonding shown in the clip was awesome. Likewise I came across one more video in which a monkey snatches the hand bag and take out the water bottle and then return backs the hand bag. In another video a chimpanzee is seen feeding the tortoise and that was so kind to watch and feel. So what this mean that animals are behaving more matured and if they get the things without even toiling they would live peacefully without disturbing the people. If they had the sixth sense, surely their behavior would have been par excellence than human and they would have shamed us for sure.
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    The needs for animals are very limited. But the needs of human beings are more and there is no end to their greed. An animal may kill another animal only when it is hungry. But a man never hesitates to kill another man for his increasing demands and his selfish goals. That is why human beings are less humane than animals. An animal will be very loyal to the human being who has taken care of it. But a man will never be loyal and try to deceive the people to get some personal benefits. The facility provided by God to human beings is the mind but he never uses it for the benefit of society and fellow human beings. They will use it for their self-improvement and gain. That is why human beings are not having a humane nature and animals are exhibiting humane nature in many aspects and many ways at many times.
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    Humans are having a much higher level of consciousness as compared to the animals. This implies that they are supposed to be more kind hearted and affectionate as compared to the animals but it is seldom true. It is unfortunate that high level of consciousness is bringing bad characters in the humans as they become more manipulative and selfish in their actions. This high level of consciousness actually should have resulted in good deeds leading to the welfare of the humanity but human character is not so straight forward.
    So, in essence, animals in general are far better than the humans in this respect.

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