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    Iftar Parties with less faith and more grandeur to impress others

    For the true Muslims, the Iftar parties does not matter at all because after the hectic 12 hours of fasting, it is his own food which was earned through the hard work ,does give the solace and meaning for having observed fast and thereafter having the Iftar at home. But political parties vying each other throwing grand iftar parties being joined by less faiths and more grandeur attached to the event which is nothing but drifting away from the values of Islam. Truly everyone would agree to my observation made here.
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    Iftar parties are very common during this Ramazan festival season. These are more for getting popularity and getting recognition among the people of that religion. Political leaders organise these parties and almost all political parties will arrange these parties. Basically, they use this as a way to get the votes of these people. We see many leaders from all religions attending these parties with hats on their heads.
    Actually, iftar is a meal that is taken by a Muslim after fasting during Ramzan. The majority of Muslims follow this tradition and hence there is a practice that having iftar parties at different places and all of them attending and eating together. So if a leader goes there he will have the chance of meeting many Muslims and if he organises the party he may get the appreciation of Muslims. With this view, the politicians organise these parties and try to get political advantage. But how far they will be successful in their attempt is not known. Voters know who is good to them and who is bad to them.

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