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    May day has no meaning with continued Russian aggression on Ukraine

    Russians celebrated the May day on every 1st May as the International workers day and that has been been followed by most of the countries and even in India we treat the workers in high esteem and sops are announced to convince the workers that the govt and the companies in which they work take care of their feelings and requirements. But this May day Russia has gone full war with Ukraine and more than the destruction, it is the common human beings and workers are killed for no cause. So this May day Russia failed to honor its yearly commitments towards the labor class.
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    War in itself is a dishonour of all the humanity including the labour force. Whenever a war takes place then it doesn't follow any rule. There had been so many wars in the world including World war 1 and World war 2 which brought lot of loss and damage in the society and humanity suffered on a large scale. But we have not learnt any lessons from those wars. The relentless pursuit of countries in manufacturing weapons of mass destruction clearly shows the human tendency of entering in wars with others is still alive with same intensity as it was there in the barbarian old times. Until there is a change in the basic thinking of human beings for not involving confrontations with others and avoiding the policy of aggression, no improvement in this respect is going to take place and innocent and common people would be dying in the trap of war. It would be a big folly to observe any day like May day in this situation.
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    When the labor mind is most disturbed there cannot be any celebration from the land this day emanated.
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    Once the Soviet Union got divided into different countries and when the communist governments in eastern Europe are lost, the May Day celebrations in that region lost their importance. But in many countries, May Day is a public holiday. Meetings and processions will be conducted to support the workers. The same thing is happening in our country also.
    This is a day to encourage workers to know their rights and fight for their rights if anybody is trying to suppress them. But these days it has lost its significance as trade union activities are reduced. As mentioned by the author, the war initiated by Russia is a clear indication that the significance of this May Day.
    Advance happy May Day wishes to all the members of ISC. This year May Day is on a Sunday and hence we lost a public holiday.

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    No day has significance for a war-waging country. On the 22nd of April, Earth Day was celebrated all over the world but for Russia, I don't think the day had any significance. Communism ended in the Soviet Union during the beginning of the 90s' and thereafter May Day lost most of its relevance there. The struggles of the labours to establish their rights are remembered on this day and it is to remind everyone that every worker must have the same rights irrespective of the type of jobs they are engaged with. There is no doubt that Russia is an aggressor in this case and I strongly condemn this war. There are no ifs and buts, this war is simply a mindless act to prove one's supremacy.

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    May Day signifies the right of the workforce and the remain united to show their strength before the management and in that way, it has its own importance. It had its own value before the eyes of the workers even in the Eastern Europe when most of the countries were being dominated by the communist countries. However, once the communist government is lost in the European regions, its strength diminished.
    Despite this, many countries are following the May Day including India reminding us of the strength of the workers to stage their protests in the event of disputes with the management.

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