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    Summer camps- do the activities really please your child ?

    This is the summer vacation and many schools and private organizations are wooing the children with summer camp programs on various activities and parents are also vying with each other to choose the best one and offer the child some enjoyment and fun. But child feels that vacations are to be enjoyed and not going back to school in the garb of some activities. Children feel happy to visit the grand parents home, home town or villages and have fun there but that is being denied since parents wants all round developments in the child. Any comment ?
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    I never attended any summer camp. Both sons also never attended any summer camp. Their daughters are still kids. Elder is about 4 years old and just started going to school. So there are no summer camps. She was admitted to a tuition class for music. The teacher stays just in the next house and so there is no problem in commuting. 3 classes in a week and only one hour is the duration of the class. So she is enjoying the class and learning music. All the other time she will be playing with her sister and enjoying herself.
    I think we should not force children to go to summer classes if they are not interested. We should allow them to enjoy and we should ask them to learn anything useful skill that as per their choice. They can play games, learn swimming etc. They should be allowed to go to their grandparents to enjoy some days there

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