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    Why KTR has to talk about the condition in their neighboring state?

    The Telangana Minister, the working President of TRS and the son of the Chief Minister of Telangana KCR commented on the civic amenities in Andhra Pradesh. He was mentioning in his speech that the road conditions in Andhra Pradesh are very bad and also no electrical supply in that state. These comments raised many controversies between the AP Ministers and Telangana counterparts.
    He made these comments to say that the Telangana government is superior to the neighbouring AP government.

    The comments made by him may be true but what right he is having to comment on the performance of the government in another state. To prove that you are doing a good job you need not say that others are bad. I think other members will be in agreement with me on this.
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    No doubt Telangana is upbeat in roads, electricity and providing drinking water without any hiccups and for which we are ever grateful to the far sighted leadership. But that should not bring over confidence with the TRS govt and KTR should have exercised restrain before commenting on the other Telugu state. He should note that AP was not given the bifurcation package which is long overdue and in spite of it Jagan government is doing well and that is why they are keeping on registering victories in all elections held there. TRS govt may be good on one count, but they failed to give the promised two bedroom homes to those who already registered and no communication sent so far. Likewise the Aasara pension for new 57 plus citizens are yet to be given the tick and they are eagerly waiting for their 2000 rupees pension every month.
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    Hyderabad is already developed in United Andhra Pradesh because of its cosmopolitan nature as the development doesn't get halted in KCR or TRS period too. I don't know the rest of the Telangana districts how it has fared. Khammam is the one city that is also good. while we travel to Andhra via Khammam only.
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