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    Evolution didn't help us to become humane first

    The process of evolution is quite interesting. We had ancestors quite similar to apes long ago and now human beings evolved to their present form over the ages. There may not be any specific objective behind evolution and it mostly depends on how adaptable the species can become in an environment. It can be said that a better version is available after each evolution, like the up-gradation of the Android OS from version 11 to 12 or for mobile networks from 4G to 5G, etc, though these may be termed as a technological revolution. I am sure you will say that we are superior to apes or our ancestors in terms of intelligence and application of knowledge in many aspects. When you are well adapted to an environment you get acquainted with most of the aspects associated with the environment and many things become familiar to you. Naturally, it is expected that your performance will excel. We have excelled in many aspects compared to our ancestors but unfortunately, we failed to prioritize. Yes, we failed to realize which are the most important things and possibly made a list of such things in the descending order where being humane is at the bottom and thus evolved in this form. We thought only about our personal development and made it the most important aspect and tried to adapt nature according to our suitability forgetting about the other species and even our fellow beings. When we realized the mistake we are crying for lack of humaneness.

    At least now when we realized it, let's be humane.

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    Wonderful post from the author. What the author said is true that the humane is at the bottom of our priorities ever since we gained our senses and we are supposed to have six senses. While the gadgets and products evolved themselves with research and new finds and made our life easy, but we could not evolve ourselves though the human beings are considered great than any other living things in the universe. When we compare to our ancestors we are poor in understanding the fellow citizens because our grand fathers would not take lunch unless and until a person or stranger who happens to be a passerby be offered food and then eat. Are we have having such humane traits today, no way!. Even animals are kind and caring with each other though they belong to different genre, but we the human beings have become more selfish and inhumane.
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    True. The efforts we put in for our development will consider many issues but I doubt whether humaneness may not be there in the issues we consider and even if it is there it will be at the bottom of the list giving no significance to it. Again this is mainly due to the mindset of the people. The mind thinks more about self-development than the development of this society. There lies the problem.
    When we think of initiating any work we will think about the repercussions of those works, How it will help us will be given more importance than the pain that may be caused to others. So people give importance to their development but never think about the adverse effects on society and hence we are becoming more inhumane. The evolution process increased the inhumaneness and decrease humaneness, I feel.

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    During the evolutionary process not only the physical changes took place in human beings from the ancestor ape to present human but also there were tremendous changes in the development of their mental faculties. This was the thing that separated human beings from other animals and due to this differentiation and heirarchy in the globe the human beings could rule the whole world.
    Though the above process looks wonderful and magnificent as far as the evolution of humans is considered but it has its own side effects. Increased mental power lead to the qualities of leadership and competition which eventually made the human beings self centred and selfish to get the power and position by hook or by crook.Today we all are facing the brunt of magnificent evolutionary development of human beings on this planet Earth.

    Knowledge is power.

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