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    What differentiates between humane and inhumane?

    The title must have made you think what a silly topic this is! Yes, it sounds a little foolish, but if we dig a little deep, some serious points for discussion will come up.

    The difference between humane and inhumane is simple: when a person fails to behave like a good human being and inflicts mental or physical pain on others is inhumane. The question is: are all such actions inhumane? Usually, yes, but at times no. In some instances, parents sometimes get very harsh towards their children for their misbehaviour and insincerity. Even teachers at times take a drastic step to rectify their unruly students. We can't ignore the toughness of the custodians like the lawmakers, security personnel, coaches and many others, who are responsible for bringing positive changes in the citizens and disciples to attend greater heights.

    What becomes very important here is the intention of the action taker and at what point one needs to stop taking action. If the reason behind the deed is good and an action taker knows when to stop inflicting a harsh step, then it is humane or otherwise inhumane. There is a thin line between humane and inhumane that one must understand, and to remain a kind-hearted human being, no one should cross the line.

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    For that matter there are human and inhumane exists amidst us and we are daily confronting them during the course of our activities. If the parents chide a child, that is because of love and affection and having concern over the future of the child. And it is also right of some them on us who by virtues of their position has the say on our behavior if it drifts the other way. If the law enforcing agencies are trying to control us , that is because we have evaded the rule of law and they are reminding us to follow the same. If the parents and teachers are controlling us, because they are part and parcel of our daily life and they are interested in our progress of life and that is why some times harsh and some times loving would be portrayed. It all depends on our understanding and behavior which would ultimately decide on humane or inhumane.
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    I think the actions taken should not be with selfish mottos. In such cases where the actions taken are of a selfish nature only, we can say such actions are inhumane. Our minds will be always working on issues and the actions we take may affect us as well as this society also If the effect on the society or the other person is not adverse we can't call it inhumane. A teacher shouting on a student is for the benefit of the student and there is no selfish motto to the teacher in shouting at the student. If the teacher punishes the student for selfish reasons definitely, we can call it also inhumane. The intentions of the person will decide the nature of the person.
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    When a person does harsh behaviour for bringing betterment in other person then it is not an inhumane behaviour. In fact in such cases there is an undercurrent of helping a person only. This is one aspect of inhumane behaviour.
    When we talk of humane behaviour then generally we mean kind-hearted and helping attitudes of people with one another. That is expected from everyone but few only possess that quality. Being humane requires some basic traits like having a respect for the fellow humans and is serious for their well being.

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