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    What is the impact of having a single child on social relations?

    The old generations have joint families. The kids of joint families have close family members in the form of siblings of their father. In northern India, they are called Chacha, Tau, and Bua, and their spouses are called Chachi, Tai, and Fufa, respectively. Similarly, the mother's siblings are called Mama and Mausi, and their spouses are called Mami and Mausa, respectively.

    However, due to various reasons, nowadays, a few couples are adopting a single child norm. Such a scenario results in many family members or relatives missing. If only a female child is born, then there will be no Mama and Mami, and if only a male child is born, there will be no Bua and Fufa in the future.

    What are your observations in this regard? Is it okay if there are no close family members or relatives?
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    Very nice post from the author. Gone are the days when each family would have at least 5 to 6 children and the home would be full of fun and get going everyday. And the relations would swell to great numbers and we call them as mentioned by the author. But these days the working parents are unable to nurture even their one child and they are not wanting either the parent or the in laws to be within them and thus thinking of second child is distant future. Moreover the cost of rearing a child has become too much for a common man with meager amount of salary and house wife not working. All these factors are having greater impact and some couples does not want to have child at all and living happily without any disturbance. But having two child is ideal so that the children would not miss any kind of relations as expressed by the author.
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    We do recall up the old days of staying in the joint families enjoying the close relationships of our fathers and mothers. This trend provided the kids an environment of healthy growth of their development. Later, this scenario took a change especially due to constraints of the incomes and the couples would not like to remain in the joint families to take the burden of other closed members. In that way, they are better managing their resources for the better maintenance of their families with a single child or two children in some cases. Such a change is the result of money constraints and this has created a transformation within our family- setups. Though it might provide the couples an option for better upkeeps of their kids but on the other side, the kids are missing the relationship of togetherness of the joint families.

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    That is true. New generation kids may not have Babayya, Pinni. Malaysia and Atta. In Telugu, we call the younger brothers of our father Babayya and his wife will be Pinni. Similarly, the sister of the father will be called Atta and her husband will be Mamayya. Mother's sister will be again Pinni and her husband will be Babayya. The mother's brother will be Mamayya and his wife will be atta. When a couple has only one kid, that kid's children will not have the above relations and they don't have any person with the above relation.
    So I always feel that every couple should have a minimum of 2 children. But unfortunately many are not going for the second issue. In the coming days, the relations like brothers and sisters may also go if there is no second issue. Only after, mother and son/ daughter will remain. Of course, grandmother and grandfather relations may remain. So as mentioned by the author, these 'we two and ours one' concept may have a big say on these social relations.

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    Many families are today adopting the norm of one or at the most two children. In this scenario the author has very rightly mentioned that the coming generations will be having some missing elements out of the table of their relatives. But this is the need of the hour. The population in our country is exploding at an alarming rate and only solution is to have a minimum number of children in a family preferably only one child. It is imperative that in such a situation no one will be going for more children. Our national resources are limited and job opportunities are already very low. How can we think of having more children in the family?
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