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    Delay in payment for the month of March

    I have not received my payment for March 2022. I attached the details of invoice no. on 10th April 2022. I sent a reminder regarding non-payment through the credit details page on 27th April 2022, still did not receive any information about it.

    I kindly request you to see to this matter.
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    Shampa please note that the payment for the March 22 has been credited to my account on 11th April itself. What I feel is that, invariably the members are uploading their invoice at the wish and will and in your case you have done so on the 10th of April. Instead you should have done the same as soon as payments are announced so that effecting payment would be systematic and no one would be missed. At ISC, there are many members who are eligible for payments and if the invoices are loaded within the first week of every month our webmaster Timmy would have the list of all those completed invoice and effecting payments without delay would not be a problem. We are coming across threads on delay in payments from some members and this advice would facilitate easy payments from next time. We have to be systematic in every approach.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Shampa, the issue has been put up to the admin for doing the needful. Please wait for a response.

    The point suggested by Mohan in the response above may please be noted for future compliance.

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    This is an individual problem of a member. Why do other members try to answer such queries? The management can only understand such problems and they alone can give the reason for the delay. They are the only people who can solve it/. It is better if members refrain from answering such questions which can be done by the management.
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    This is the forum and when a post appears here , everyone has the right to respond if the responder has the knowledge and knowhow and that should be commensurating with the admin views. Here what I have given response was ably vouched by the lead editor and hence KVRR need not get perturbed. And this problem is often appearing on the forum and therefore I thought better to give my suggestion and feedback and it was ably acknowledged by the Saji.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Transaction Details
    Transaction Status:Success
    Reference ID:96893717
    NEFT/RTGS Reference No:FDRLH22121269216
    Transaction Type:Transfer To Other Bank Accounts
    Initiator Account Name:TIMMY M JOHN
    Initiator Account Id:15XXXXXXXXXX41
    Frequency Type:One Time
    Transaction Date(dd-MM-yyyy):01-05-2022
    Beneficiary Type:Personal Payees
    Beneficiary Nickname:ShampaSadhya
    Beneficiary Account Number:50XXXXXXXXXXX6
    Beneficiary Bank Name:HDFC BANK LTD
    Beneficiary Branch:PASCHIM VIHAR ND (PCV)
    Beneficiary Bank Identifier:HDFC0000581
    Transaction Amount:INR 900.00
    Remark:March 2022 Payment

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    Thank you, Timmy Sir, for the payment. I have received it today.

    Saji Sir, I will definitely keep in mind what K Mohan has suggested. It was nothing intentional from my side. It happened because of some extra pressure at the home front.

    K Mohan Sir, Thank you for your suggestion. Well, let me inform you that I am aware of the rule, but I got delayed due to some personal causes. I have not blamed anyone just enquired and reminded about the payment. Once in a while everyone come across some hassle, isn't it?


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