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    Releasing undertrials on fast mode, do you agree to PM suggession?

    Prime Minister Modi has urged the Judges and CMs across the country to find out ways and means to release 3.5.lakh undertrials languishing across many jails in the country and keeping them inside without proper evidence and prolonging their release without proper reasons has become burden for the jails to cater to their daily needs and food. The law should not hold a person illegally for reason beyond certain period for want of evidence and proof and those who already gone through the term have the right to get released. Do you agree with this ?
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    Court cases are indeed taking more time to get settled. This is making all suspects be inside the jail till the case is finalised and if he was the culprit he will award punishment. There is no problem. But if the person was found not guilty, he has to be released but who will pay him for the agony and hardships he had during his imprisonment. So keeping them inside for long is not correct. Otherwise, they should be released on bail and then conduct the hearings.
    Keeping suspects inside for a long time will be a heavy burden on the government. They have to spend a lot of money for taking care of them. So what the Prime Minister said is very true and these undertrials should be released at the earliest if they are not found guilty. But how to do it is a very big question without a proper answer.

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    Courts are unnecessarily burdened with a lot of under trials having no proof of their involvements in the crimes. They are languishing in the jails for no faults of theirs. They come from poor families not having enough money to fight their cases. The cases cannot be initiated unless they get ocular proof of the evidence. With the progress of time, the police personnel loose interest in their cases since from them, they cannot extract money from these helpless prisoners living in the jails for years and no body knows how long they will remain confined to the jail walls. If PM has uttered anything in their favour, it must be welcomed and action should be taken in that direction.

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    Courts are taking a lot of time in deciding the cases but it is not entirely the fault of courts alone as there are so many reasons for this delay. First is that the legal resolution is a very complicated process. Both side's lawyers will be there and will try to argue in the favour of their client. The interesting point is that even on a small twist the judge will give chance to the parties to prove or disprove it with the solid evidence. For doing that judge will give a date which would be usually after 15-20 days.
    The irony is that till that time undertrials have to be detained in a jail. Now the point is that if a person has really committed a crime then it is alright to punish him like that but if it is not so then the question comes whether we can keep an innocent person in jail like that. So far there is no answer to this question and only solution is to accelerate the court proceedings and award the verdict in minimum time.

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    The police department is to be blamed. They are putting many persons in jail due to suspicion. The police neither file the case nor release them. Many of the crimes for which the undertrials are rotting in jails are not even serious and do not merit arrest and confined in jails. The courts are heavily burdened due to the number of cases. They can reduce the burden by not adjourning the cases number of times.
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    Police nabbing the persons on suspicion grounds and later failed to provide evidence and proof and the case drag on to years together.
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    Many innocent people have been languishing in prisons without hearing of their cases. Apparently courts may be blamed for it but I think police department is more responsible for their plight. Lately addressing a meeting CJI asserted that vacancies of judges should be filled so that pending cases may be heard on time.
    There should be clear instructions to police department not to arrest accused without proper investigation and evidences. How painful is for an innocent person who wasted a large part of his life in prison without committing any crime.

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