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    Can a fat person easily reduce his weight?

    It is said that if an over weight fat person does exercise and controls his food intake then his weight would start declining and after a few months he would be able to become a normal person. Many people believe in this theory but when it comes to the practical life then it is seen that very few people who are too much determined and strong headed only can achieve such tough targets. In general people have resistance towards exercise and very few can keep a control on their food intake. Who does not like to have oily and spice food which is so tasty when compared to the boiled one? What is your experience in this regard? Please share your views.
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    Prevention is better than cure. We should take care that we should not become fat. Once we gain weight losing it is very difficult. I was very thin and low weight. Then I met with an accident and I was forced to sit for almost 2 months before my leg has become normal. I gained weight during that period. Later on, I tried various ways including walking and doing some other exercises but I could not reduce my weight. We will become lethargic to doing exercises over a period of time. But I walk regularly but not helped me much. Of course. I am not very fat and 2 or 3 kg more than my normal weight related to my age and height.
    The same may be the case in many instances. I see many people who will say that they walk and exercise regularly but they are fat only and not getting thin. My Sister took her weight very seriously and adopted strict diet restrictions and was able to reduce it to some extent. But a little deviation in that also she is gaining weight. So I feel a lot of determination and focus is required to reduce the fat.

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    Yes it is the fact that a fat person with dedicated work outs and having controls over the food, can definitely reduce the weight drastically. For example late SP Balasubramanian has gained lots of weight and he was on strict diet and suddenly we could see a good personality Balasubramainan few days before his death. Like wise Adnan Sami who was looking so fat in the videos earlier has gone for strict diet control and gained good personality. But what I feel that reduce of food and control over the food but be systematic and one should not have sudden reduction and that would have side effects. Our food habits, our intake of food, and timing of food decides the obesity in us and therefore we are alone responsible for the same. And those who eat more curries and no rice have reduced their weight drastically over the period of time.
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    Reduction of weight is possible only when we the strong will for the same. Imagination would not work to reduce the weight but a strict determination is required where in we need to curb oily and spicy foods which we take along with our meals and dinners apart from ensuring health breakfast such as indulgence with oats and seasonal fruits. Taking excess sugar in the tea and that too taking this beverage a number of times would lead to the escalation of body weight. We have to ensure regular brisk walking for at least 45 minutes twice in a day.
    While all these parameters are important to trim your body weight, ensure that we are not suffering from hypothyroidism since in case of such situations, it would be difficult to reduce the body weight. Weight will definitely reduce with the sustained efforts.

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    Earlier, I was also considered as moderately obese. But, due to strong medicines to control sugar, I have lost considerable weight.

    Is this a favourable way to lose weight?

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    Controlling sugar also helps in weight control. But main thing is regular exercise in some form not necessarily going to the gym etc
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    I don't think it is easy gaining weight is somewhat easy but reducing weight is very difficult and maintaining the body fit and slim is a herculean task in real time.
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