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    Your qualification alone can't make you progress well in your career

    In the life of any individual, there are two important phases. One is getting a qualification which is the education phase. The second is a career that is the earning phase. We have seen many individuals who are not very good at studies and just average. But many of them do very well in their career. In the same way, some people who are very good at their studies may not be able to build their careers properly.

    Our qualifications will be useful to fetch us a job. The knowledge we acquired in our studies may be useful to some extent in discharging our duties. But these two may not give you a bright career. There are many other issues like people management, diplomacy. skill updating, way of dealing with the issues and moving with the people which will have a big say on our career progress. So one should not be complacent about their career thinking about their qualifications. I think all the members will accept this.
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    We all have to acquire educational qualifications before entering any career line. Based on our merit in education or competitive examinations we are selected for a job. So far so good but the actual career starts once we join a job. There are many practical difficulties while executing a job and a person learns a lot of things and gains experience while working in an organisation. There is no doubt that one has to use one's knowledge in doing the job but there are many tips and tricks of the trade that one has to learn for getting success in one's career. Most of the practical learnings one acquires from the colleagues, seniors, and the workplace environment. Only after that one can really rise to the higher positions in one's career.
    Knowledge is power.

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    Both the phases education and services carriers are equally important. This can be understood from the fact that with the excellent results in the academics will lead one to get a lucrative job. The same is not achievable unless the aspirants are bright in their studies. Now considering their service life, it might not be that much rosy unless they show their full potentials in the jobs being assigned to them. In the job sectors, they have to learn the jobs understanding the different aspects, regarding the intricacies and complexities they need to have guidance of the bosses and colleagues to be familiar with the jobs. Ultimately the need to contribute significantly so as to be successful in the job areas. Not necessarily, all having the excellent achievements in their studies would sign in the jobs. Reverse could also be true when a mediocre would do well in the job despite his average achievements in the student- life.

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    Our qualification is the recognition of our studies but when it comes to having jobs and progress over it, the personal interest, the job know how improvisation and above all getting along with other employees and seeking cooperation and helping each other would pave way for progressive career in life. I have seen illiterate mechanic who has the best knowledge of the law and many come to him to seek the advice on various cases. The man has not even studied and passed the 10th class but has immense knowledge about the law and how it works to bail out a person. For him no case is complicated and assure the person that winning of case is always possible and only the advocate should be strong enough to bring the case into the reality through his smart assertive nature of understanding and deliberating the same with the judge.
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    Education is just a means of training the mind. However, personality traits matter more in real-life situations, be it workplace or home. One can acquire real education only by having the right personality traits. Hard work, sincerity, devotion, determination, patience, perseverance, etc., are a few examples of the correct personality traits.

    Moreover, qualifications don't mean degrees.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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