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    What if you get a chance to go back in time to start a brand new career?

    People are supposed to choose their career carefully initially and then remain happy and content with the same throughout. However, sometimes, it so happens that they cannot get the most satisfying career path. Even otherwise also, many people wish to get a different career path than what they are already pursuing.

    I think it may be an exciting discussion to know if given a chance to go back in time and start a brand new career.

    I would opt to become a doctor to serve humankind and look after my family better healthwise. What are your takes on the topic chosen for discussion?
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    Though this is a hypothetical proposition but we often enjoy such conjecturing in our lives. I was interested in a teaching career after doing my post graduation but as I got selected in a PSU I was trapped there making a career in that organisation only. Now if I get another chance of making career by going back in time to that instant when I completed my PG then I would like to get a lecturer job in my core subject and fully enjoy my job and make it a career. Teaching is a line where you can learn and accumulate knowledge regularly and teach the students getting full satisfaction out of that job.
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    The author has presented a nice article indicating how we could adjust ourselves with the career which has always excited us but not chosen earlier. Of course, this is a hypothetical issue even then I can say choosing the career of my own liking could have brought extra pleasure to me. Though I joined the job of the steel plant after my graduation as suggested by our family members shattering my dream of joining as a lecturer in a college after my post graduation. Though I adjusted with the assignments of the steel industry and it was a different matter altogether but still my joining as a lecturer could provide me much more satisfaction because of my inclination towards teaching line. This line is worthwhile providing satisfaction to the students and enriching ourselves with the exciting knowledge going through the various aspects not known earlier.

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    God is not so kind to us and has not given us the facility of going back into the past and correcting it. Some movies came where some scientists created a time machine and people can go back to their past times and see what will happen. So it is a hypothetical post.
    But it will be a good chance if it is given to us to correct our mistakes and excel in our career. I will opt for a government job. That will ensure me a job till retirement and pension after retirement. If I die my wife will get the pension. This pension facility is not there in private jobs. So somebow I will try to get into a job so that I will not have to face any financial difficulties in my life. It is a very pleasant thing to have a government jon in our lives, I feel.

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    For me I had dreamt of becoming a airforce pilot to ferry the war planes. My house is situated near the Hakimpet air force station and I would see many fighter planes making sorties and that created more interest within me during my youth days. I had even applied, got passed in the written exam but during the physical test when they asked to fold the fist and open after some time and when they found sweat, they rejected my candidature. I was almost thrilled to get that job and that would have enhanced my prestige and position in our family. But unfortunately my studies gone haywire I completed M com through correspondence, and entire career changed. But if chance gets to revisit my dream, surely I want to become the pilot of air force and that would be very satisfying to see my fly over the my own home in the vicinity.
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    If I got a chance to go back in the past and change the trajectory of my career I will go back to my class 10th and opt for humanities so that I could pursue my career further in the same area as I opted for humanities after my B.Tech and I are trying to get enrolled in PhD, It would have been a lot easier to have begun with the subject of my interest rather than struggling in the field now with different background during graduation but I am not very sad as well, as I am progressing in the direction of my interest it is time taking process that is why I sometimes run out of the process and have thoughts like this but If I give it a deep thought I guess experiences are what make us what we are, and if my experiences would have been different my choices would have been and different and I still might have been thinking about what could I change in the past because of that experience. Apart from my opinion on the subject this is really a nice thread to have a discussion and read about how everyone has so many things to be done if they got opportunity to go back in the past.
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