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    Does the wealth ensure better and enriched life?

    Earning wealth would be the target for many and even the meager earning person would like to save few amount for the future exigencies and for him that is also wealth. But earning wealth, keeping that in tact, not wasting on expenses and how to multiply the existing wealth are the great traits among those who are the rich since ages. But for those who got the wealth through short cut methods or through family property sale proceeds,the wealth cannot ensure better and enriched life because they would tend to be spendthrift and not saver.
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    Money is an important factor in our lives. Most of the people save a part of their earnings and accumulate it in a wealth over a long period of time. The amount of wealth will be different from different people and will depend on their earnings but it is a very important aspect in one's life because that money can be utilised in future either during the rainy days or some big purpose.
    Regularly saving some amount is a very good habit because that only can create wealth over a long period of time. It is also a security for one's future.
    Spending money mindlessly and not saving for future is something that we should avoid in our lives. Money is important not only for our present lives but we would need it in future also.

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    In my opinion, wealth alone can't ensure a better life. Health is also very important. If our bodies are not cooperating how can we enjoy our life. When there is a problem with health, your money can't heal it. So if we have health and wealth then we will have a better life.
    If your health is permitting you to work you can make as many attempts as you can in a known path and you can earn money. It is always good to have both health and wealth. But very few people will be gifted with these two. Many rich people suffer from various illnesses and never enjoy their richness.
    Many people are healthy but never have the chance of enjoying their lives due to a lack of money for their day to day expenses themselves.

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