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    I am delighted with the working of ISC

    01 May 2022 17:54 is the date and time when the announcement of the April 2022 Cash Payment was on the site. Around 8 PM, I uploaded my invoice. At about 10 PM I received the mail saying that my invoice is processed and today morning when I opened my bank account online, I found that money was deposited yesterday itself. What a promptness! I am delighted.

    I think this is the way how ISC works. On a Sunday evening at 8 PM somebody is doing their job. Can you imagine? Many times I receive my payment before the 12th of the month. But this month on the same day. it was deposited.

    My appreciation to the Webmaster and his administrative staff for such a work. I hope all members will be in agreement with me.
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    I have also acknowledged my appreciation and joy for having received the payment within one hour yesterday when I posted invoice at 6.10 and received payment into my account at
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Generally we are receiving payment from ISC in time. But the experience got by these two members is really a great news. There are so many portals in internet which promise to pay the members for their work but very few of them actually pay in cash. Many of them pay in terms of points and vouchers which a member can redeem while buying some merchandise from online stores. In such a scenario cash payment from ISC that also so quickly is definitely a very good news for its members.
    Knowledge is power.

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    Congratulation to all members who received their payment within one day. It is really quite surprising that the payment coming into the account in such a short time also gives happiness and the trust towards ISC also increases equally. By the way, till now there has never been any loss to the members of ISC regarding payment, we really thank and appreciate ISC for this consistency. Even though in some cases the payment is late but it does come eventually. This is also the important step of filling the payer details or invoices by the member's matters. If the invoice is submitted on time, then probably all the members will get the payment on time as well. I also thank ISC that this time my name is also in the list, since my contribution has decreased for some time, so I was surprised and happy to see my name in the list.

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    Congratulation Mohan for the same. It is indeed very happy to receive payment on the same day of our submission of the invoice and it happens very rarely. ISC did it and we should express our gratitude for the same.
    always confident

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    It reminds me of the famous statement of the late author Sun - "Sun may fail to rise one day, but ISC will never fail to pay its members on the due day."
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    Yes. That is correct. Late Sun, a member of ISC used to say this many times. He used to say that payment will be on time always. The speciality this time is on a Sunday in the early night these transactions took place. That is what made me get delighted.
    always confident

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