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    I am receiving my 4th time pay hike in the present company!

    I am pleased to announce that I am getting my fourth raise in my four years of service at my current company. So I share this happiest moment with you...I already have 3 offers from new companies which I was in dilemma whether to join or not.
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    Congratulations Bhushan for your consecutive pay hike in a row for fourth time and that proves that your company has been immensely benefited through your services and therefore they kept you in happiness. When the present company is doing good and your happy, then why shifting for new jobs and new offers. When you work in a company consistently, the seniority matters along with the pay hike and also the respect also gathers with pride and trust. In that case the top management would be wanting to give additional responsibilities of higher post and thereby create greater space for personal growth in positions in the same company. It is invariably seen that those who put three to five years are always yearning to shift the job for more greener pastures whereas the present company can give you all comforts and happiness.
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    Congratulations to the author. It is an indication that the author is performing well in his job and that is why the management recognised his work and gave him a pay hike. I wish the author will continue his good work and get rewarded suitably throughout his career.
    Regarding the change of job, the individual only knows what is his position in the present company and what are the chances to excel in the new organisation. The process of analysis is very important. What are the pros and cons we have to face by changing the job to be analysed and then take a call? Another aspect is what is the increase in the monetary benefits. After seeing all the above issues, a decision is to be taken. Generally, when we change a job we have to face different situations and should be able to come out and make a mark for ourselves in the organisation. I wish the author the best of luck.

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    I congratulate Bhushan Sir. May he go on getting huge rise every year till he hangs his boots.
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    A rise in pay means a better contribution to the company's goals and objectives. As a matter of fact, nobody including companies pays anything to anybody. Instead, they only receive from their employees. If the workers enable the company to earn in crores, they give a rise in thousands or at the most lakhs.

    However, congratulations to the author. It will definitely motivate him to contribute better and earn a rise in the coming years too.

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    I congratulate Mr, Bhushan for his pay hikes consistently in all the years since his joining and this being the fourth time when this hike has been rewarded. It is indicative of consistent hard labour helping the company to achieve the targets. This is really a great news for him and at least management has recognised him as a hard worker and if he retains this organisation, he might get lucrative offers even for this management. However, the entire decision rests with author. I would appreciate him whatever decision he takes for his own betterment.

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    Thank you for congratulating me. I have 12+ years of experience in the Software Industry. I have seen lots of ups and downs or crests and troughs in these 12+ years of the Software Industry. As a very straight-forwarded person without any diplomacy, I have survived in this Industry. So hikes of salary will not be much it just appreciation or pep up to your work. . I started my career as a Software analyst in2006- 2007 in Mumbai(for 3 years). Previously I worked as a Software trainee in Hyderabad with a little salary of fewer than 8 months but that will not count as experience.
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    For those who are hard working and are having a good knowledge of coding and coding practices there are good opportunities in IT and software areas. Due to the ongoing thrust in AI and robotics, the future of IT and software industries is poised for big leaps.
    In such a scenario, your achievements indicate that you are having a good knowledge in this area and due to your experience so far gained, you are getting calls from some other companies also may be with a better remuneration.
    It is really a matter of great happiness for all of us that a member of ISC is having such a good career in the software area. I wish you more success and prosperity in the coming times in your career.

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    Thank you for the kind words and wishes Umesh sir #756278.

    As Kailash sir said that the Management earns in crores but the employee will receive fewer benefits. It is a well-known fact throughout the world,

    Everyone should observe the nature of the Graphite structure because a Graphite has only a tendency to convert into diamond under tremendous temperature and pressure.

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