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    Parents should get alerted -necessity come

    Normally news have come newspapers and television that students travel in footboard of the buses, hanging in windows. We ourselves seeing daily that in spite of warning and shouting of bus driver, conductor, passengers, they are doing this.
    Now the limit staged up to next level - beating the teacher, dancing in the classrooms. The teacher and school authorities can go up to dismissal but where the parents stand? This seems that many parents do not care on their children. They do not even speak to them leisure as they have 'no time'. Parents are not going to schools even call comes. Servant maid or auto person drop them and pick from schools.
    Unless parents awake at least now our next generation get the chapter closed. Having doctorate in education without good characters worthless.
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    Nice post from the author, The regular interaction between the teachers and the students would pave way for better understanding of the pupil and what he or she is doing. Parents think that every thing is going on well and they arranged everything on daily basis. But what is the behavior of the child in the auto, at the school, with the fellow students and what about his studies, his behavior with teachers and if the child is going through the bus , where he is going apart from school and with whom he is going. Naturelly the parents are going to take the action in this matter, and if they are taking the things light then big things would happen that would bring bad name to the child, parent and the school. Parents alone can mould a child better and teachers can help in that direction otherwise everything goes haywire.
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    All parents want their children to be established in their own life by going to a good college after school. In that case, the school has a big role. Students learn from the school for higher quality education. Therefore, it is necessary not only to enroll the child in school, you must keep an eye on some important issues because not only the education, but the overall development of the child should be the main goal. Otherwise, his earthly life may be dark. Keep in touch with the class teacher to update the student. You need to keep in touch with everyone to get information related to what he is doing or wants to do. Then you have to give him time properly, giving this time will help your child to build character. So if everyone in the family keeps an eye on the child, he will follow the right path.
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    Raising children is a big challenge in itself as well as a responsibility. By the way, it is the effort of the parents that they give the best upbringing to their children and make them understand about their safety, but some parents sometimes do some carelessness due to other reasons. The second problem is also that children after an age dislike the advice of parents or elders and do the same work for which they are stopped. This is really a sensitive topic about which family members should take a decision after considering together. In such cases, the experience and advice of the elders of the family often prove to be appropriate. Admittedly, the time is quite different from before, but still, an experienced person has assessed many situations and in such a situation, they can help us that how we children need the right path.

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    Very well said. When there are no values what is the use of having an education. A teacher should be respected by the student. Guru is more than God. What we were all told is that Guru is Brahma, Visnu and Mahesawara. Is it not our duty of us to respect such teachers?
    The parents should teach these points to their kids in their primary education itself and see that they will never deviate from that. Once they start practising these good points. Once they make that a habit, the kids will never do mischief acts either in the school or in other places also.
    But the parents are busy with their jobs and they don't have time to take care of their wards. Some caretakers may be appointed and these persons will never own the responsibility. That is the starting point for all these problems. Parents should interact with the teachers regularly and make some contact with them and enquire once in a while about the conduct of their children and take necessary actions. Otherwise, the coming generations will spoil the decorum and there will be no recovery from the misbehaviour of their wards.

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    There was a time when parents kept strict vigil on the activities of their children and took care at every step. They used to intract with the teachers also and got the first hand information about how the children were progressing in the school. There has been a paradigm shift in that attitude of the parents and now a days no one is bothered about the children as what are they doing in school. When parents are not serious in this matter then children would be creating nuisance everywhere. Children learn discipline and manners from their houses only. If it is lacking at the very first place then what we can expect from them?
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    We should watch the behaviours of our kids while going to their schools. We have to ensure that that behaviours with the teachers are decent and acceptable in our societies. May be they are behaving decently with their teachers and colleagues but the parents must be vigilant enough with whom they are mixing after the closure of their schools. May be their past record are not not known to the parents and sometimes the children are aware of their dubious characters but the same is not told their parents. These risks are to be identified in advance so that they are not spoiled in future. The children would learn the culture from their parents and the parents might have the impressions that nothing untoward would happen to their children due to their culture. Sometimes, it might happen opposite to our calculations and hence a strict vigilance is needed.

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