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    Confused Prashant Kishor finally decided to plunge in politics from Bihar

    After having failed to garner the Congress support for his entry into that party, the confused Prashant Kishor, once he was the strong man of Janata Dal in Bihar, as decided to plunge into the politics from that state itself. That means he is going to work for the betterment of Janata Dal to which Nitish Kumar is already doing well. With his taking final decision the political scenario in Bihar would change as Nitish Kumar is having see saw relations with BJP on loudspeaker removal issues with that party and may part ways with PK at the helm of the party.
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    Let us see in what way, he will move in the upcoming time. Within a short tenure, he has changed his decision very frequently. Hence we cannot predict his next step. However, if at all the same is happening, there might be some internal fissures within the party due to the dominant personalities of the two and still we cannot say what could be the fate of the party after sometime.

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    Prashant Kishor is an election strategist. He may be good at making a strategy that is to be followed by a party or a candidate for winning the election. But he may not be a successful politician. But because of some success he has seen as an election strategist, he wanted to get himself into the political arena and wanted to become a leader. It is good and he can try his luck. No one can question his decision.
    Initially, he wanted to join Congress and he felt he will join there if a non-Gandhi family member leads the party. He was not welcomed there and now he is thinking of entering joining politics in Bihar. We have to wait and see how is going to shine in politics.
    But he should continue his career as a pole strategist anymore, I feel. It will become difficult for him if he tries to travel with one leg in one boat. That is too dangerous. By the time he understands the issues, he will plunge into deep water.

    always confident

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