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    What are the jobs prospects, nowadays, after completing education up to high school level?

    Earlier, in the past, High School was the minimum qualification for selection to the clerk grade posts in the government department. Many hard-working employees used to get promotions and rise to the position of Office Superintendents. They knew good English and could draft routine letters for their officers. The Railway Station Master used to be in the clerk grade only but was able to manage such a great establishment.

    However, nowadays, it is impossible to get any good job after completing education up to high school.

    Why is it so?

    Have technological developments had no effect on the value of education (up to High School)?
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    When the graduation and higher studies are not getting the desired job, there is no chance for getting any job after completing the higher education. There are many reasons for it. One would complete the 10th class at the age of 15, which is considered a child labor and cannot be taken as worker. Moreover the maturity in the person would be of childish mind and not seriousness to work. At that age many would be in the youth enjoyment mode and the friends would also not allow to work anywhere. In those days the 10th exam is called SSLC with high grade English and that even pleased the Britishers who have taken the Indians as employees immediately and later the individual persons worked hard and got passed in the internal exams and then made to higher positions in the same office and thus served with great pride.
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    The author has raised a very interesting post discussing the prospects of jobs of an young student having passed his class ten. However while comparing the importance of education of class ten in the past, the youths of the present time does not match anyway from the past generation. In addition to this, there were not many job seekers those days and there was the demand of such persons having passed the matriculation examinations to fill up the different posts. Now the situations are different in the sense that for a matriculation post, aspirants having passed post graduation or even technical graduates are applying for such posts to grab the jobs. Naturally, there is a remote possibility of getting a job for a class ten passed aspirants under the present circumstances.

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    Today the job market is very tight and the situation of unemployment is very serious. In such a condition highly qualified people are applying for lowly jobs and there is a very stiff competition everywhere.
    But it does not mean that High school pass person cannot get a job in the present condition. There are some jobs where minimum eligibility is high school. Such jobs exist in Railways, defence, Post Office, and many other organisations where low level manual work is still continuing in spite of many things happening in online mode.
    So students can apply for such jobs and it is not necessary that selection will be based on higher education rather than the minimum eligible education. There is no preference like that.
    Sometimes it makes sense to go through some professional course or short time course after completing class 10 so that the chances of getting a job are more. One can go through the following link to get some such ideas -
    Some professional courses after class 10

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    The time that the author is talking about is now past, today's times have changed.
    There are ten times more vacancies now than there were vacancies for clerks then but the number of candidates has increased 30 times. In all cases except Group A and Group B, the minimum qualification is from class eight to intermediate. But sadly, those with a master's degree are applying for a Class VIII job. Everything is increasing but the rate of education is increasing the most. As the supply of education is high so the value is decreasing day by day. But one thing must be admitted that there is no shortage of jobs for good students. If he tries a little, he will get it, even if he passes Intermediate. Imagine the situation of today's employment of the unemployed without different private companies? There is a limit to government jobs, it is not possible to recruit these huge people there. So increasing the field of recruitment is the only solution to the problem

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    Even today there are some jobs for which the prescribed qualification is high school only. After high school one can go for teacher training and get an appointment as a teacher. Similarly, for bank clerk posts and some other posts, high school qualification is sufficient. But competition is very high. Many graduates and postgraduates are applying for these posts also.
    The standard of education in earlier days was very good. I know some people who used to know complete Engish grammar by the time they complete their 10th or 12th class. They were very good at mathematics. There was a system of training for 8th class students and after completing the training they were getting appointed as higher grade teachers and they were getting appointed teachers in Primary school. Those days languages were also given a lot of importance and marks are being deducted if there are any grammar mistakes. So these days it is very difficult to get a good job with higher secondary qualifications.

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