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    OU campus furious over Rahul visit on 7th May

    Congress leader Rahul Gandhi has slated to visit Hyderabad Osmania University campus on 7th May to interact with the students community. But the campus is full of TRS students union supporters and NSUI has less presence. Already the police sensed trouble in the campus and even denied permission to Rahul. When there is no election, and being the exam time at campus, his unnecessary visit at this time would only disturb the tranquility of the campus and nothing more for the party. What is your reaction ?
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    I don't know the full details of the case. Who didn't allow Rahul Gandhi to enter the university and the exact reason behind it is not known. Is there any violence after the ban of his entry in the campus?
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    Whenever a leader or politician visits an educational campus then there are various association of students affiliated to different different political ideologies and they welcome the leader or do not welcome him depending on their affiliations.
    The person who is visiting the campus must go through all these things and then decide whether visiting the campus will add value to his personality and image. If there are major apprehensions then it is better not to visit the institution. The purpose of visiting a campus should be clear in one's mind and if that very purpose is defeated then what is the point in going there.

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    He is supposed to visit on 7th May and hold meetings with the students and Police at OU has denied the permission and that created faceoff between the powerful students union.
    K Mohan
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    I think it is purely a political game plan of TRS. Otherwise, why police should deny permission to Rahul Gandhi to meet his followers at the university. The TRS party is losing its ground in the student community as this party has not done anything to the student community so far. By any chance, Rahul Gandhi comes to the university campus and tries to attract students, there may be a problem for the party. Already the party is losing its ground in villages. Keeping this in mind probably the government might have advised the police not to give permission.
    If tomorrow KCR wants to go and deliver a speech on the University campus can they stop it? In such a case why there should be a denial to Congress leader? Is it the real form of democracy? I feel there is no point in not giving permission. Now Congress leaders may approach court and permission may be granted. Let us wait and see.

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    But all these days Congress was keeping distance from Telangana and suddenly the connect.
    K Mohan
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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